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Why Is My Roborock Not Charging? [8 Surefire Solutions]

Here are some quick fixes for the same:

  • Clean the charging ports with a soft cloth.
  • Try a different power outlet.
  • Reset the robot to factory settings.
  • Replace the battery.

Continue reading to find detailed stepwise solutions to Roborock not charging.

👉6 Reasons For Roborock Not Charging [Solved!]

Dirty Charging Contact AreasClean Charging Contact Areas with an alcohol solution
Poor ConnectionUse a clean, dry cloth to wipe both the charging contacts
Roborock not correctly aligned on the charging base Remove the mop while charging 
Faulty BatteryReplace the battery with the new one
Faulty Motherboard/Fuse Contact the service center to get the Motherboard/Fuse fixed
Faulty Charging Base Replace the charging base

Here is a step-wise guide to fix Roborock not charging.

🧹Reason 1: Dirty Charging Contact Area

Dirty charging contact area

It is the most common reason for Roborock not charging. Since the robot moves around in your home, its charging contacts are subjected to dust, dirt, and even debris. 

Hence, it prevents the roborock vacuum cleaner from having a clear electrical connection with the charging pins on the charging base. 

The result? Your Roborock is not getting charged.

How to Fix:

  • Wipe the roborock vacuum cleaner and the charging base with a dry cloth to remove dust.
  • Thoroughly clean the charging contacts on the robot, and the charging base with a damp microfiber wipe or magic eraser.
  • Ensure your Roborock vacuum cleaner is corrosion-free. 
  • Clean the sensors at the robot’s base, front, side, and LiDAR bump sensors.
  • Also, clean the circumference of the Roborock.
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⚡Reason 2: Poor connection

Sometimes poor connection due to a lack of smooth electrical flow, dirty contact points, faulty power outlets, or accumulation of dust in the charging point will hinder the charging session of the Roborock. 

Also, a damaged wall outlet or power cord will prevent smooth current flow to the charging station.

Burning smells or sparks can be clear signals of a damaged power source.

How to Fix:

  • Follow the cleaning process mentioned in Reason 1. 
  • Try using another charging point or a different outlet.
  • Change the socket or replace the power cable if the connection seems secure and the Roborock vacuum still doesn’t charge.
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🚫Reason 3: Roborock Is Not Correctly Aligned on the Charging Base

Roborock is not correctly aligned on the charging base

If the Roborock is not correctly aligned and is not touching the charging contacts, then it won’t be able to draw enough power. Sometimes, when you manually put the robot on charging, it fails to sit on the charging docks, leading to no charging of the roborock.

How to Fix:

  • Ensure proper contact between the robot base and the charging dock while manually placing the robot.
  • Remove the cleaning mop before sending it to the charging base.
  • Ensure charging base pins are properly connected.
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🔋Reason 4: Faulty battery

The Roborock works on a lithium-ion battery lasting 2-3 years. The roborock battery might sometimes expire before its expiry date due to overuse.

How to Fix:

  • Try working with the same battery on another Roborock. If it also fails to operate there, your Roborock robot vacuum cleaner needs a new battery.
  • Purchase a new Roborock battery.
  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the dust bin.
  • Remove the Omnidirectional wheel.
  • Remove the side brushes and main brush with its cover.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove the battery cover.
  • Detach the old battery.
  • Attach the new battery.
  • Replace all the pieces you removed.
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🚨Reason 5: Faulty Motherboard/Fuse

Faulty Motherboard or Fuse

The capacitor on the charging circuit of the Roborock motherboard is responsible for storing energy and providing a smooth flow of current to the battery. 

When this capacitor burns out, it can cause the robot not to charge properly or at all. A bad motherboard can also lead to short circuits. The same issue is well-documented on the Roborock model, including the S5 (non-max). 

How to Fix:

  • Check the charging contacts on the robot and the charging base to ensure they are clean and debris-free.
  • Try a different power outlet.
  • Reset the robot to factory settings.
  • If you have checked all these things and your Roborock is still not charging, you may need to replace the defective motherboard.
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🔌Reason 6: Faulty Charging Base

It can happen if the charging base is dropped or something heavy is placed on it. If the charging base is damaged, it may lead to a charging failure.

How to Fix:

  • You have to check if the charging base is working. The top of the charging base should flash if it’s working.
  • Try different wall outlets.
  • If it still isn’t working, you must replace the charging base.
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✍️Some Other Tips to Try!

Some other tips to try

🔁Reset Your Roborock 

Resetting your Roborock to the initial settings might solve the charging issue.

  • Find the docking station or dock button and the reset button.

    The dock button is usually located on the robot’s top, and the reset button is usually on the bottom near the charging port.
  • Press and hold the dock button for 3-5 seconds.
  • While still holding the dock button, press the reset button once.

    Note: The reset button is usually under a lid. Also, you need a blunt pin to press it.
  • You will notice the home, power, and spot-clean buttons turn off.
  • Hold the dock button until the power button blinks and you hear a voice:

    “Restoring Factory Settings. Please wait for 5 minutes” or “Restoring initial version. Please wait for 5 minutes.”
  • Once you hear the voice, you can release the dock button.
  • Your Roborock will now be reset to factory settings in its initial version. Ensure it’s working properly now.
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⬆️Update Firmware on Roborock

The firmware is  pivotal for the smooth functioning of the Roborock. Outdated firmware can have many bugs and must be regularly updated to eliminate any bugs.

So, the most inexpensive solution would be to upgrade the security system and run the device smoothly.

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Make sure your Roborock is connected to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the Roborock app and sign in to your account.
  • Tap on the Settings icon (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner of the app.
  • Tap on Firmware Updates.
  • If there is a new firmware update available, tap on update.
  • The app will download and install the update.   

Contact Roborock Customer Care:

Contact Roborock customer care if you’ve tried every step and couldn’t charge your Roborock.

💡Roborock Not Charging: FAQs

How do I know if Roborock is charging?

The flashing power indicator light on the robot indicates it is in charging mode.
The light will flash slowly when the robot is first placed on the charging base, and then it will flash faster as the battery gets closer to being completely charged.

The light will stop flashing once the battery is fully charged and remain solid.

Depending upon the model, roborock vacuum cleaners can take 4 to 6 hours to charge fully.

Why is my Roborock not working?

Robot cleaners may not work due to poor electric connection or charging issues, common due to dust accumulation, damaged motherboard, fuse, or electric socket.

Sometimes, a damaged filter can also cause Roborock to stop working.

To fix this, clean the charging contacts and try replacing the defective components with new ones.

What is error 13 on Roborock?

Error 13 on Roborock is the charging issue caused by an unclean charging dock. Clean the charging dock station properly to fix this.

How do I reset my Roborock vacuum?

Here are the steps to reset the Roborock vacuum:

1. Press the dock button for 3-5 seconds.

2. Use any thin object and press the factory reset button while holding the dock button. Ensure all the buttons of the electronic device are turned off.

3. Hold the dock button for 5 more seconds until the power button turns off and you hear a voice prompt- “Restoring the default version. Please wait for 5 minutes.” 

4. Then, you can un-press the dock button.

How do I charge my Roborock?

Press the home button to send your smart home device to the charging station. If it can’t find the charging dock, manually place it. The breathing power indicator shows your robot is charging.

However, in most cases, your robot vacuum will return to the charging dock automatically after cleaning.

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