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3 Top Roborock Cleaning Solution Alternative [Tried & Tested]

Roborock doesn’t recommend using a cleaning solution other than their official one to avoid bubble formation that may block the robot’s filter.

However, you can use water in the robot water tank (allowed by Roborock, too) if you don’t have a cleaning solution for the time being. 

Alternatively, you can use Vinegar/Bona/iRobot cleaning products at your own risk.

Continue reading for a detailed guide on the Roborock cleaning solution alternatives.

👉What Solution Can You Use For Roborock?

What solution can be use for Roborock

Using any cleaning solution other than Roborock’s can void the warranty. If the Roborock cleaning solution is unavailable, use water because:

  • It is more environment-friendly than using harsh cleaning products
  • It is easier to handle, refill, and clean the filters
  • It leaves no white marks on the floor

We’ve found a list of alternatives that have worked wonders for others, but we recommend you use them in your Roborock vac at your own risk.

Roborock Solution AlternativeRisks to use 
Water and Vinegar Don’t use it on wood floors; use sparingly.
Bona/Bissell Cleaning SolutionThe dilute solution can cause “detergent damage” and harm the machine’s internals.
iRobot Cleaning SolutionContinuous use for a long time may lead to gumming/oxidation and corrosion.

💦Alternative #1: Water And Vinegar

  • How To Use: Use a diluted concentration of vinegar in water. Sprinkle the vinegar solution on the mop pad or floor and let it sit for a few minutes on the stains before using the Roborock to mop them.
  • Risks To Use: Without proper dilution of vinegar, the mop gets rough and clogged with time, causing the wooden floors to lose their shine and tear off.

🧼Alternative #2: Bona/Bissell Cleaning Solution

Alternative 2Bona Bissell Cleaning Solution
  • How To Use: Fill the mop tank with warm water and add 1 cup of 150 ml or sprinkle the Bona or Bissell cleaning solution on the map pad.
  • Risks To Use: Using the dilute solutions of Bona or Bissell may lead to the “detergent damage” issue, which Roborock does not include in its warranty T&C.

🍶Alternative #3: iRobot Cleaning Solution

  • How To Use: iRobot recommends adding 4 caps full in the Roborock water tank.
  • Risks To Use: iRobot Cleaning Solution may cause gumming/oxidation and corrosion if used for a long time.
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🎯What You Should Not Use As A Roborock Cleaning Solution Alternative?

Although any Roborock cleaning solution alternative has a risk of excessive bubbling and voiding warranty, some claimed alternatives have shown drastic results.

Bad Alternatives Why Bad?
BleachCan damage the machine
SoapCause suds, leading to robot malfunction
Baking SodaWithout proper dilution, it may leave residue on the floors or carpets and damage the robot internally.
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🤔What Are Roborock Cleaning Solution Ingredients?

Top 3 Roborock Cleaning Solution - What are Roborock cleaning solution ingredients?

Roborock uses environmentally friendly ingredients (no dyes, phosphates, and heavy metals) which are safe for pets and kids. They recommend using the Roborock cleaning solution in a 1:300 dilution ratio.

Roborock Cleaning Solution contains the following:

  • Water (97.3-98.5%)
  • Surfactant (1-2.5%)
  • Citric Acid (0.01-0.035%)
  • Benzisothiazolinone (0.01-0.02%)
  • Perfume (Dipentene, Linalool, Benzyl Acetate, Methyl 3-oxo-2-pentyl cyclopentyl acetate, Allyl hexanoate, Hexyl Acetate, Citral, Melaleuca ericifolia, Linalyl Acetate, Myrcene)

Isothiazolinones give biocidal properties to the Roborock. Surfactants help in removing harsh dirt stains and grease-like materials easily.

Compare Roborock cleaning solution’s ingredients with other solutions and pick the one that suits your needs.

💡Roborock Cleaning Solution: FAQs

Where to buy a Roborock Cleaning Solution?

You can buy the Roborock cleaning solution from Amazon, Walmart, and other online e-commerce stores.

Can you use just water in Roborock?

Yes, you can use just clean water in Roborock, but using a cap full of Roborock cleaning solution in the water tank gives better cleaning results. However, avoid using bleach or vinegar.

Is Roborock cleaning solution safe for pets?

Yes, Roborock cleaning solution, when used in 1:300 parts in the machine, doesn’t release dangerous fumes on the floor or leave harsh chemicals that can be bad for your pets.

However, pets should never ingest the solution directly as it contains cleaning agent tea tree oil, which is toxic to them.

Is the Roborock floor cleaning solution worth it?

Yes, the Roborock floor cleaner is worth buying because it enhances the cleaning power of Roborock, brings shine to the floors, and leaves no scratches or marks.

Can I use Roborock without a water tank?

Yes, you can remove the Roborock water tank if you have S7, S7MaxV, S8, and S8 Pro Ultra models and then begin vacuuming. 

You can program go/no-go zones for vacuuming with the tank removed and mop-only zones with the tank installed. When you remove the water tank, the robot changes to vacuum mode.

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