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My Roborock Can’t Find Dock (Try this FIRST!)

Your Roborock cannot find the dock because of the following:

  • Faulty navigation system
  • The base of the docking station is uneven

If the base is unleveled, adjust the height or elevation. If the navigation system has gone faulty, it may require repair from authorized service centers.

But there are other reasons! Continue reading for detailed troubleshooting on your Roborock not finding dock! 

👉Roborock Vacuum Cleaner Can’t Find Dock: 9 Reasons Why

ProblemsHow to fix it?
Roborock’s navigation is abnormal Change the dock’s position & clear obstacles
Roborock is still not workingGive manual  guidance
It is unchargedCheck the battery & the charge
The power unit is damagedCheck the power cycling unit
Unclean sensorsClean sensors
Roborock’s memory is fullClear cache
Base is not properly leveledAdjust the height or elevation 
Roborock has stopped workingReboot & reset the roborock
Firmware update has changed the mapReset map

⚡Roborock’s Navigation Is Abnormal

Roborock Navigation is Abnormal

Your Roborock robot vacuum might be unable to find the docking station location if the navigation is abnormal. It could be due to a change in the map docking location or some obstacles.

If there are any obstacles around the vacuum and the dock, clean them away and see if they can find the dock now.

If this doesn’t work, try changing the position of the dock. Do check the docking station’s new location on the map as well.

Ensure the new docking location has no obstacles, with a clearance of about half a meter on each side and 1.5 meters in the front.

💡Tip: Try clearing the cache in the Roborock app > Settings.

🚫Roborock Is Still Not Working

If your Roborock robot cleaner is still not working after clearing obstacles and changing dock position, resetting the map and remapping the house can work. But that can be a real pain.

So before you do that, try to guide it to its dock manually.

  • Pick up the robot vacuum and put it in its dock.
  • Then, use its “Clean all” button that will update the position.
  • Ensure the vacuum is charged on the dock and the location is updated successfully. The charging pins should align properly for that.

You have to use the robot’s cleaning features to update the docking station’s correct location on all the saved maps.

If this doesn’t work, we recommend resetting and remapping it.

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🪫Roborock Is Uncharged

Roborock is Uncharged

You should check the battery status of your vacuum. A low battery can make it difficult to find its dock.

Charge your vacuum fully and ensure the dock and vacuum charging base plates align. See if the vacuum can now find its dock.

If it can not, check the battery’s health status. The battery might need a replacement if it’s not working optimally. Get a compatible battery so it does not create other problems.

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🔌The Power Unit Is Unresponsive

The power unit of the device may be damaged, causing the issue. To fix this, you have to power cycle the device. Power cycling is turning a device off and on. Power cycling can fix minor issues like recovering from an unresponsive state. 

  • Remove the power source from your Roborock unit by turning it off or removing the battery (we recommend removing it).
  • Power up the device after about 20 minutes.
  • For power cycling the device with cleaning cycles, first power off the device. Turn it on after 10-15 minutes and do the cleaning cycle.

🚨Unclean Sensors

Dirty sensors can hamper robot navigation. Clean the vacuum sensors properly so that they can detect the surroundings accurately.

To clean the sensors:

  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner.
  • Turn the vacuum upside down and locate the sensors on its bottom.
  • Clean the sensors with a soft dry cloth.
  • If it’s visibly dirty, use a damp cloth.
  • Let the sensor dry if you use a wet cloth.
  • Turn the vacuum back up with its wheels on the floor.
  • See if it can now locate the docking station.
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💭Roborock’s Memory Is Full

Roborock memory is full

With a full memory, the Roborock vacuum might be unable to find its docking station. To fix this, clear the cache from its app.

You can clear the cache by going to ‘Settings’ in the application. It also fixes the dock location on the map.

⚖️The Base Is Not Properly Leveled

If the elevation of the flat surface of the dock is not optimal for the vacuum, the vac will be unable to find the docking station. It may be due to a slightly slanted floor. To fix this, adjust the height/elevation of the dock.

  • Use a level to adjust the elevation optimally.

    Get a small-sized spirit level (used to find errors in the surface leveling), or a smartphone-level app can also work.
  • Use thin pieces of wood or cardboard for the adjustments.
  • Once leveled optimally, check if the vacuum can find the dock.
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❌Roborock Has Stopped Working

If your Roborock has stopped working, you should reboot and reset the vacuum.

To reboot the Roborock:

  • Long press the Power button on the top of the vacuum and release it when it shuts down.
  • Leave it idle and wait for a minute.
  • Long press the power button to start the cleaner back up.
  • See if it can find the dock now.

If rebooting didn’t solve the issue, you should reset the map. Resetting the map will erase it from the memory, and you must remap it again.

  • To reset a map, open the Roborock vacuum unit’s app.
  • Go to ‘Map Management.’
  • Then select the ‘Reset Map’ option.
  • The vacuum will start to map the area again.

You can also ‘Factory Reset’ the Roborock, as this will bring the vacuum to its original factory settings again. If there are any program bugs, this can fix that.

  • Locate the ‘Home’ and the ‘Reset’ buttons on the vacuum unit.
  • Press the ‘Home’ button, and then press and hold the ‘Reset’ button within 10 seconds.
  • Release the ‘Reset’ button after you hear ‘restoring to the initial version.’
  • Your vacuum has started its factory reset.
  • After the reset is complete, you will have to do the initial setting up you do for a new Roborock.

📍A Firmware Update Has Changed The Map

A firmware update has changed the map

When the firmware version is out-of-date, it can cause a vacuum error locating the docking station.

But firmware updates can also cause errors due to bugs. As with some customers, a firmware update could change the dock location on the map.

See for either of the scenarios and take action accordingly. If the version is outdated, update it to the latest version.

And if, after an update, the dock location has changed on the map, try relocating the dock. If that doesn’t work, reset the map (steps given above).


If nothing works, you should contact Roborock service. If still under warranty, you can get it replaced. The warranty gets terminated under certain actions like removing the battery or getting third-party services, so beware.

💡Roborock Can’t Find Dock: FAQs

What to do as my Roborock dock has no light?

You must check if the dock charger is working or not if your Roborock dock has no indicator light. On the dock, the indicator lights will be ‘ON’ without the vacuum docked and ‘OFF’ when docked.

Remove the cable from the slot on the dock, and push it hard back in.

What to do as the Roborock doesn’t know where it is?

If your Roborock robot vacuum doesn’t know where it is, pick up the vacuum and place it about 1-2 meters close to the dock. Press the recharge button and see if it can return to the dock.

If that doesn’t solve it, reset the map and remap the area.

Why is my Roborock charging dock not working?

Your roborock charging dock may not work if it’s not aligned properly, so ensure proper alignment with the charging plates on the vacuum unit and the dock. It also may not work because of unclean ports, so ensure the charging ports are clean. 

Finally, check that the battery is also placed correctly in the vacuum.

How do you reset the dock in Roborock?

Here’s how to reset the dock in the Roborock app:

1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Go to ‘Manage Maps’
3. Click ‘Edit’ on the top-right corner
4. Click on ‘Restore’

Why is my Roborock not returning to the dock?

If your Roborock vac can’t find its docking station, it could be due to obstacles.

It could also be if you moved it manually or started it in the wrong location.

Other possible issues include an unleveled dock station, firmware bugs, bad battery health, and full memory.

To fix it, try cleaning the sensors or relocating the docking station. Else you can try: 

1. Adjusting the elevation level
2. Guiding the vac manually
3. Resetting a map, or 
4. Factory reset.

Also, the clearance of objects around the dock is important.

The dock should be placed against a wall, have at least 0.5m of clearance on either side and 1.5m in front.

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