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How To Connect Shark Robot To Wifi On Android and iPhone? (Steps)

You can control your Shark Robot remotely once it’s connected to Wi-Fi. You can also view its past 30 days’ history page, adjust the cleaning power, and even create custom cleaning schedules directly from the Shark app.

Here’s how to connect Shark Robot to Wifi:

  • Set the Robot Vacuum on the dock
  • Connect your iPhone or Android phone to Wi-Fi
  • Open the Shark ION Robot App and add your Shark robot vacuum to Wi-Fi

Continue reading for practical ways to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi not connecting issue.

🤔How to Set Up Shark Robot to WIFI 

Before proceeding with the steps below, ensure the following with your Shark robot vacuum

  • The Shark Robot vacuum is set up at the dock. 
  • Your phone has a connection to the Wi-Fi network. 
  • The Shark robot vacuum has a decent percentage of charge.

🧐How to Connect the Shark Robot Vacuum to WiFi on Android & iOS?


Connecting your Shark AI robot vacuum with your Android device is very easy. To link the Shark robot vacuum with your Shark app, follow the following steps:

  • Install and open the Shark app on your Android device.
  • Now, register with your email id and password.
  • You should sufficiently charge your Shark robot vacuum, and the power should be on.
  • Click on the right and left side of the Shark robot vacuum simultaneously until a beeping voice and the Wi-Fi light appear.
  • Now, choose your home Wi-Fi connection from the available networks and enter the password.
  • Select a 2.4 GHz wifi network with the presence of several networks at one point.
  • Once done, a screen will show if you have synced the Shark robot vacuum to the wifi network. 
  • The Wi-Fi icon on the Shark robot will turn bold blue to indicate wifi connection. 
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You must follow a slightly different set of instructions to connect your Shark robot vacuum with the shark clean app, which is as follows:

  • Install and open the Shark Clean app on your iPhone.
  • Now, register with your email id and password. Next, enable a 2.4 GHz wifi network.
  • Once your Shark robot vacuum is powered on, click the right and left buttons simultaneously until you hear a beep and the Wi-Fi indicator light turns up.
  • Exit the Shark Clean app and open your Wi-Fi settings.
  • Choose your Shark robot device model (Shark) from the dropdown list.
  • Return to your Shark Clean app, and a screen showing if the Shark robot can connect will appear.
  • The Wi-Fi light (indicator) present on the Shark robot will turn bold blue.
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❓Why Is My Shark Robot Vacuum Not Connecting to WI-FI?

Most issues that can cause trouble while you try to connect your Shark robot vacuum to a Wi-Fi network are listed below: 

❌ Reason 1: Robot Units Only Work With a Smartphone App

One of the prominent problems iOS users face is that the Shark vacuum unit only works with the help of a smartphone app and that the Shark app doesn’t work on iPhones that operate on iOS 11 or lower.

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⚠️ Reason 2: You’re Operating the Robot Outside the Wi-Fi Area

Another common reason is that you may try to operate your Shark robot vacuum outside the Wi-Fi area, making it hard for the Shark vacuum to sync correctly with the application. Or the region you’re trying to operate lacks a proper Wi-Fi connection. 

⭕ Reason 3: Suspect a Bug in the System

Certain bugs in your Shark vacuum might block the connection if the above-mentioned reasons and conditions are not the reason. 

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🧰 How To Reconnect Shark Robot to WiFi: Troubleshooting

You must follow specific steps to troubleshoot the problem in your Shark robot vacuum without much trouble.

First, you should ensure that your iPhone’s iOS version is iOS 11 or higher and the Android version is Android 6.0 or higher. 

After that, you can follow the below steps to troubleshoot the problem in your Shark robot vacuum. 

  • 1. Reboot Shark Robot Vacuum

    Turn it off and back on to refresh the connection of your Shark robot vacuum. Ensure it’s not connected to a different network. We’ve already discussed linking a Wi-Fi network to your Android or iOS device. This might consume a few minutes, but it will fix the issue.
  • 2. Reboot Wi-Fi Router

    Turn off the wifi router and turn it back on again to refresh its connection. Make sure you’ve entered the wifi password correctly. Some issues in your Wi-Fi router might make it difficult for your Shark robot vacuum to sync with the app and operate efficiently.
  • 3. Check Firewall Settings

    Ensure your firewall settings do not block the Shark Robot vacuum connection. There can be some connectivity issues. If necessary, contact your internet service provider for assistance. Certain firewalls do not allow an unknown device to connect with your home Wi-Fi network.
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⚡How To Connect Shark Robot To Wifi FAQs

How do I reset my Shark robot vacuum Wi-Fi?

To reset your Shark robot vacuum’s Wi-Fi network within a few minutes, restart your phone or Wi-Fi router, or reboot your Shark robot vacuum. You can also erase the Shark vacuum connection history and perform a factory reset. Change configuration settings to default.

Why is the Shark robot wifi indicator blinking?

When you simultaneously push the right and left buttons while trying to connect with the application, the robot vacuum Wi-Fi indicator will blink to show that the Wi-Fi network is active.

Why is the Shark robot not connected to wifi?

Some common reasons for your Shark robot vacuum not connecting with your Wi-Fi include an unsupported operating system, Wi-Fi coverage, or bugs in your smartphone.

Does the Shark robot require wifi to run?

Shark robot vacuums don’t need a wifi network to function regularly. However, by connecting the Shark robot to a Wi-Fi network, you can enjoy the robot vacuums’ wide range of features, such as:
1. Control your robot vacuum away from home. 
2. Make changes directly from the app.
3. Access voice control through google home or Amazon Alexa.

Why is the shark robot wifi light off?

If the Shark robot’s Wi-Fi light is off, it simply indicates that the Shark AI robot is no longer connected to a Wi-Fi network.

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