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Ants can be more harmful than you believe. Read on to know the correct method of vacuuming ants to get rid of them!

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If your Tineco Vacuum cleaner turns off after running for a few minutes, you’ve come to the right place.

I Accidentally Vacuumed Mouse Droppings

Droppings comprise the rodent’s urine, feces, and nesting material. Vacuuming them is not a good idea! Continue reading to know what to do!

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Comparison of Tineco Floor One S3 and IFloor 3

Tineco launched two new wet and dry vacuums at CES 2020. Read this detailed Tineco Floor one s3 vs iFloor 3 comparison to find the best choice within your budget!

Quantum X Vacuum VS Rainbow

Quantum X and Rainbow E2 are water-filtration vacuum cleaners that you can use to clean small and clumsy spaces thoroughly. Continue reading for a detailed comparison!

Tineco Cleaning Solution Alternative

Are you searching for a cheap Tineco cleaning solution alternative? Keep reading for a detailed guide of what to use as Tineco vac cleaning solution alternatives!

Why Are My Hardwood Floors Sticky

Even after you mopped and cleaned the floor, sticky hardwood floors can be frustrating. Here are the solutions provided in this expert guide!

Do Vacuums Kill Spiders

Yes, vacuum cleaners kill spiders. However, when dealing with spiders, the type of vacuum cleaner counts. Keep reading to learn more on what type of vacuum cleaner should be used!

Why Is My Vacuum Smoking

If your vacuum produces smoke, it’s not always the damaged motor. Continue reading for a detailed guide on why is my vacuum smoking with practical troubleshooting!

How to clean mohawk laminate flooring

If you are looking for an actionable guide on how to clean mohawk laminate flooring, then you’re in the right place. So, read on!

Best vacuum for berber carpet

It is best to have a vacuum cleaner with high suction power that doesn’t have a spinning brush to clean Berber carpets. Here are the 3 best vacuums!

Tineco S2 vs S3

Tineco Floor One S2 and S3 are one of the best cordless vacuums because of their efficiency. Thinking about buying one? Read more to know which one you should buy!

Vacuuming Fleas With Bagless Vacuums

Vacuuming fleas with bagless vacuums is the ultimate strategy to remove fleas. Continue reading for vacuuming fleas effectively!

How to get soap out of Carpet

If you leave your carpet after spilling dishwater, mildew could grow there. Keep reading to know how to get soap out of carpet to keep them clean and odor-free in record time!

How To Clean Balcony Floor

While it is often ignored, balcony cleaning should be a part of your household chores. Continue reading to know how to clean balcony floor!

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Are you on a woodworking project and thinking of vacuuming sawdust? Read on to know how safe it is to vacuum sawdust!

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Found your Prettycare cordless vacuum cleaner not working? Continue reading for detailed troubleshooting of Prettycare vacuum!


Why Tineco keeps saying clean dirty water tank

Continue reading to troubleshoot your tineco vacuum constantly telling: “clean dirty water tank” with easy-to-do practical methods

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