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Roborock Offline

7 Reasons Behind Roborock Offline [+ How To Get Back Online]

Here’s why your Roborock is offline:

  • You have not given location permissions on your phone or have entered an incorrect region choice.
  • Your Wi-Fi signals are weak, or the router settings are incorrect.
  • You are using an outdated mobile app version.

Here’s how to fix it:

  • Reset Roborock’s Wi-Fi connection.
  • Enable location access on your phone.
  • Buy a Wi-Fi range extender and place Roborock’s docking station near the router.
  • Update your Roborock or Mi Home App.

Continue reading for 7 detailed reasons why your Roborock is offline, along with proven solutions.

🤔How Do I Get My Roborock Back Online?

How do i get my roborock back online
Fixes When most effective?
Reset Wi-Fi connectionWhen Roborock robot vacuum has trouble connecting to Wi-Fi
Set the correct device region and allow location access When you have entered the wrong device region and have disabled the app’s access to your current location
Move the dock closer to the routerWhen the Roborock docking station is not getting a proper Wi-Fi signal
Choose the correct mobile app/update appIf you have installed the wrong app (Roborock or Mi Home App) on your phone
Choose 2.4 GHz frequency and WPA/WPA2 encryptionWhen Roborock does not support WEP encryption
Switch off mobile data/VPNWhen the phone’s cellular data or VPN is enabled
Roborock isn’t charged/charging wire is damagedWhen Roborock has low battery, i.e. Roborock robot vacuum does not work even after charging it for a few hours
Do a factory resetWhen all other fixes fail

📶Reset The Connection

Reset wi-fi connection

The quickest way to fix Roborock offline when you cannot connect the Roborock device to the Wi-Fi connection is to soft reset the Wi-Fi.

To reset your Wi-Fi connection:

  • Hold and press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously for over 5 seconds.
  • The Wi-Fi connection will reset when a voice prompt intimates “Resetting Wi-Fi”.
  • Leave when the blue Wi-Fi indicator light stops blinking.
  • Now, go to the phone’s Wi-Fi settings and connect it to the correct Wi-Fi network signal for Roborock to start working again.
  • If you have any special characters in your Wi-Fi password, change them to Latin numbers or symbols only.

📍Set the Correct Device Region and Allow Location Access

Set the correct device region and allow location access

When you enter the wrong device region and disable the app’s access to your current location, you face the Roborock offline issue.

Here’s how to fix this:

  • To set the correct device region, open the Roborock application on your phone.
  • Go to Robot Configurations and change the location to Germany.
  • Wait for the Roborock to get online.
  • Once done, return to the configuration and change the location to your current location.
  • Then, open your phone’s settings and go to the app’s settings.
  • Now, enable the location permission access for the application to connect to the Roborock.
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🔌Move the Dock Closer to the Router

Move the dock closer to the router

If your Wi-Fi signal weakens, move the dock closer to the router to fix the Roborock offline problem.

  • If the Roborock’s docking station is getting weak or no signals, place it closer to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Add a network range extender or a Wi-Fi signal booster if you cannot place Roborock closer to the router.
  • Now disconnect the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connect the Roborock back to the Wi-Fi.

📱Choose the Correct Mobile App/Update App

Choose the correct mobile app or update app

Roborock updates the mobile app to fix bugs or add new user features. Using the older version of the app or the unsupported app for a particular Roborock model may make the Roborock device offline.

Here’s how to fix it:

  • Check your Roborock and its compatibility with the mobile app.
  • If you have Roborock S5, Roborock E4, or Roborock Xiaowa E2/E3 function, install the Mi Home App.
  • If you have Roborock S6 Pure, Roborock S6, Roborocks S6 MaxV, Roborock S5 Max, and MaxVRoborock S4, install the Roborock app.
  • Check for the recent application update and update it if you are on an older version.
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💁Choose 2.4 Ghz Frequency and WPA/WPA2 Encryption

Choose 2.4Ghz frequency and WAP or WAP2 encryption

Roborock does not operate on a 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency, so choose the 2.4 GHz frequency. Also, check your Wi-Fi encryption; it should be WPA/WPA2, as other methods do not work without passwords for Roborock.

📶Switch Off Mobile Data/VPN

Switch off mobile data or VPN

Switch off your phone’s mobile data/VPN to get Roborock back online, as it may be the reason for connectivity issues.

  • If you have connected your Roborock to the mobile data instead of Wi-Fi, then switch it off and connect with Wi-Fi.
  • You may also try changing or switching off the VPN if it is enabled on your phone.
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🪫The Roborock Isn’t Charged/the Charging Wire Is Damaged

The roborock isnt charged or the charging wire is damaged

After using the robot vacuum cleaner for long hours, its charging goes down.

  • If none of the solutions has worked out for you, leave Roborock at the charging station for a few hours.
  • If this fails, try replacing the charging wire or the batteries in the Roborock and get them fixed because batteries get worn out after a few years of use.

🔁Do a Factory Reset

Do a factory reset

The ultimate way to bring Roborock back online is  hard reset , i.e. by factory resetting it.

Do a factory reset of the Roborock by following these steps:

  • To factory reset your Roborock, press and hold the Home button for at least 3 seconds.
  • Simultaneously, press the Reset button (next to the Wi-Fi light) with a pin.
  • The Wi-Fi connection will reset after 5 seconds.
  • Release the buttons and wait for about 5 minutes until the Wi-Fi light blinks.
  • At last, connect the robot vacuum back to the network.
  • Add your house cleaning map and set up the old configurations again.

Note: All light indicators will go off after you push the reset button.

However, you must keep pressing the home button for 5 more seconds after pressing the reset button until the power button blinks and you hear a prompt.

It will take 5 minutes to restore the initial version.

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💡Roborock Offline: FAQs

Why does Roborock say no Internet connection?

Roborock says no internet connection because:

1. Your network connection is poor.
2. You have installed the wrong app (Roborock or Mi Home App) on your phone.
3. The robot vacuum is at low power or went out of battery.

Fix the Roborock device offline error by:

1. Reconnecting or resetting the Wi-Fi.
2. Installing/Updating the latest version of the mobile application.
3. Charging the Roborock for a few hours.

How do I reconnect my Roborock to Wi-Fi?

To reconnect Roborock to Wi-Fi, reset the Wi-Fi settings, remove the device from the app, and then connect the roborock as a new device in the app.

It will not factory reset the Roborock; your app settings and app will be saved.

How do I reset my Roborock vacuum?

Here’s how to reset your Roborock robot vacuum:

1. Press and hold the Home button on the Roborock robot vacuum for about 3-5 seconds.
2. With a pin, press and hold the Reset button once till the lights go out.
3. Simultaneously, hold the Home button for 5 seconds until the Power button light blinks.
4. Wait for about 5 minutes till you hear the vac’s sound, directing you to be patient until the initial version is restored successfully.
5. Leave the buttons once the Roborock vacuum is reset.

Where is the Wi-Fi indicator light on Roborock?

You will find the Wi-Fi indicator light on the top of the Robo vacuum cleaner.

Can Roborock work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. Roborock can work without a Wi-Fi connection. It can carry out all its basic functions like spot cleaning and home cleaning, but Roborock needs to be connected to the internet to do advanced activities like schedule cleaning.

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