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Why Tineco Keeps Saying Clean Dirty Water Tank (How To Fix)

The Tineco keeps saying clean dirty water tank when the dirty water tank has reached max limit or is clogged with debris. Therefore, you must empty the dirty water tank and clean it to avoid clogging parts and overheating the vacuum. 

Continue reading to troubleshoot your tineco vacuum constantly telling: “clean dirty water tank” with easy-to-do practical methods.

❓How to Self-Clean Tineco Ifloor’s Dirty Water Tank?

Your Tineco vacuum has a dual tank system separating clean and dirty water. The clean water sprays to clean the floor, and the dirt gets trapped in the dirty water tank. You can fix the “clean DWT” pop-up on your tineco vacuum cleaner by cleaning its filter, floor washer, and Dirty water tank. 

📝Things You Need

  • Tineco Cleaning Tool
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Clean running water 

🕺Steps To Perform

  • Press the release button to remove the dirty water tank. Next, pull out the dirty water tank and pour the water down the shower drainage. 
  • Take out the floater and filter. 
  • Now clean the dirty water tank under the running water. The water flow will help eliminate the hidden dirt and small debris from the walls of the dirty water tank.
  • Clean the dirty water tank filter of hard debris with the Tineco cleaning tool that came along with the vacuum. 
  • Take the floater under the fresh water and clean it with the help of the cleaning tool. Let the parts dry up. 
  • Clean the blockage of the dirty water tank inlet.
  • Take a dry cloth or use alcohol wipes to clean the motor inlet. 
  • Now reattach the parts carefully and place them in their exact position. Your vacuum must be ready to use. 


  • Replace the water filter every 3 to 6 months, depending upon its condition.
  • Prevent clogs with regular cleaning. 
  • Don’t let water penetrate the motor or the battery of the vacuum cleaner. 
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😯Other Ways To Troubleshoot “Clean Dirty Water Tank” Voice Prompt 

Some more ways of troubleshooting the Clean dirty water tank or “DWT” voice prompt are: 

🧹Clean Brush Roll

Even after cleaning, is Tineco vacuum still saying, “Clean Dirty Water Tank?” 

Here’s why:

You may still need to properly clean the Brush Roller holders or brush roll cover. With regular use, dirt, dust, carpet fibers, pet hair, long human hair, etc., clog the brush roll of your tineco vacuum cleaner. 

But the good news is that you can easily clean the brush roll of the tineco vacuum by following these eight simple steps:

  • Take the brush roll cover out of the roller. 
  • Use a scissor to cut tangled hair from the roller brush. Next, use the cleaning tool to remove the clogged carpet fibers, pet hair, and debris.
  • Clean the water inlet of the vacuum thoroughly. 
  • Remove the blockages from the brush roller holder. 
  • Take the brush roll cover under running water and rinse it with clean water. 
  • Let the vacuum components dry entirely.
  • After every part is clean and dry, ensure the components are installed correctly in their original position. 
  • The roller will go back into the holder, and the brush roll cover will go back onto the vacuum head. 
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🧼Run Self-Cleaning Mode 

Tineco shows a self-cleaning icon when it needs cleaning. You can use the self-cleaning feature when running short of cleaning time and cannot afford a manual deep cleaning method. 

It’s a good quick fix, but you must regularly clean the vacuum cleaner thoroughly and manually to fix the “clean DWT” pop-up.

To run the cleaning cycle, follow these steps:

  • Fill the water tank with fresh water till its maximum limit. 
  • Connect the tineco vacuum to the charging base and switch it on. 
  • Charge the battery at least till a one-line state.
  • Now, switch on the self-cleaning button. You can find the button on the top of the handle. 
  • Let the cleaning cycle complete. After this, you can follow the manual deep-cleaning steps discussed above.
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💁Contact Customer Care 

If the problem still exists and you can’t solve the “clean DWT” pop-up, you can always ask for assistance from the Customer Care Support Team. The probable cause might be a faulty sensor or electronics.

Another good news is that your Tineco vacuum cleaner comes with a 2-year warranty period. Click warranty.pdf to know more about this. 

🦺Tineco Dirty Water Tank Maintenance Tips

The cleaning performance of your tineco vacuum depends on mess-free maintenance. 

Follow these easy maintenance tips mentioned below to avoid “clean DWT” notifications on your tineco vacuums:

  • Maintain basic electrical safety by following the product user manual of the vacuum. It extends the battery life too. 
  • Rinse the water tank nicely after every use to maintain the hygiene and effectiveness of your vacuum cleaner.
  • Ensure regular cleaning to prevent clogs and blockages from the brush roll, hose, water filter, and nozzle. 
  • Replace the soiled filter and damaged vacuum parts periodically to keep up the Tineco vacuum’s performance and suction power. 
  • Never let the dirty water tank cross its maximum limit. Not cleaning the dirty water leads to further clogs.
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💡Tineco Keeps Saying Clean Dirty Water Tank FAQs 

Why is my Tineco Ifloor 2 not spraying water?

Tineco iFloor2 is not spraying water because of the low water level or the blockages in the chamber. 

Here’s how to fix it:

1. First, remove the water tank to find out the issue. 
2. The clean water level must reach 1/3rd. If it is not the same, then fill it up to the level. 
3. Next, re-install the clean water tank. 
4. Take a dry cloth and clean the brush roll chamber. 
5. Next, switch on the vacuum and click on the spot button to start the spraying.

What does CWT empty mean on Tineco?

As mentioned, the Tineco vacuum has a dual tank system for separating clean and dirty water. 

CWT empty means you need to fill up the Tineco Clean Water Tank. An indicator light or a voice message will ask you to fill up the Clean Water Tank of the vacuum cleaner.

Why tineco keeps saying dirty water tanks are full?

Tineco keeps saying the Dirty Water tank is full when the air channel is clogged, or the dirty water tank has reached full capacity. 

Give your tineco vacuum cleaner a deep-cleaning cycle. Clean the brush roll, dirty water tank, filter, and floater of the vacuum cleaner.

Can you use a Tineco Floor without water?

Yes, you can do dry cleaning with tineco iFloor, but the results will be less satisfying. Using a water vacuum with a clean water solution sucks and traps the dust and debris inside the vacuum cleaner’s water tank. As a result, the dust can’t escape further into the house’s atmosphere. Thus, water cleaning is always better than dry cleaning.

How do I get my Tineco to self-clean?

To switch on the self-cleaning mode, follow the given steps.

1. Plug in the floor Washer and place it on the storage tray.
2. Dump the content of the dirty water tank into the shower drainage.
3. Fill 1/3 water in the clean water tank.
4. Switch on the Self-Cleaning Mode at the top of the handle. The brush roll and floor washer will start to move.
5. It will take approx 40 seconds to complete the self-cleaning cycle.

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