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How To Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring: Ultimate Cheat Sheet (2024)

If you are looking for an actionable guide on how to clean mohawk laminate flooring, then you’re in the right place.

💡Here’s what you need to know:

There are 3 types of mohawk laminate waterproof flooring: RevWood, RevWood Select, and RevWood Plus, and it’s best to use a clean microfiber cloth to dust or mop the floor

Never use water or liquid cleaners. Instead, spray the floor cleaner onto a soft cotton cloth to wipe the floor. 

You can also use a vacuum sucker for cleaning the floor. Also, avoid rubbing the floor with harsh particles because it can cause scratches.

Read on for a complete tutorial on how to clean laminate floors in record time. 

🏆How To Clean Mohawk Revwood Plus Flooring: Step-By-Step

Mohawk revwood floors are a particular type of flooring introduced by the Mohawk brand. They look like real wood with a shiny texture and can be durable and cost-effective if maintained properly. 

But it would be best if you were careful while cleaning revwood plus. Remember, water can be the worst enemy of Mohawk revwood floors. 

So let’s find the right equipment, steps, and tips to safely clean your wooden floor. 

📝What To Use To Clean Mohawk Wooden Flooring: 

  • Dust mop
  • Soft bristle
  • A vacuum cleaner without a beater bar
  • Spray mop
  • Microfiber cloth 

🧹Steps to clean

  • Use a dust mop or a soft bristle broom to remove the dust particles from the surface. 
  • You can also vacuum to suck the dust. But don’t use the beater bar attachment, as the plastic scraper can scrape off the laminate surface. 
  • With a spray mop or a moist mop, remove any regular stains. Dry the floor immediately. Don’t use a wet mop directly; it will dampen the laminate flooring. 
  • Never use tough substances like bleach or ammonia; it will break the floor’s shine.
  • Wipe off the water spills immediately with a dry cloth. Apply some ice if a piece of chewing gum gets stuck to the floor. The chewing gum will automatically come off in a while. Dry the area. 
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💡Additional Tips

  • Ensure you install waterproof flooring, and it’s under the 10-year waterproof warranty.
  • Avoid using this type of flooring in the kitchen and bathroom, where you may often spill water. 
  • Keep your pets from scratching the laminate floor with their paws. It’s always good to keep your pet’s nails trimmed. 
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🧐How To Clean Mohawk Hardwood Flooring: Step-By-Step

If you enjoy living in a space filled with natural warmth and beauty, 

Mohawk solid wood and tech wood floors can leave you awed by their richness.

Your Options:

The versatile range of woods available are Oak, Hickory, Acacia, Maple, Walnut, and Ebony, and it boosts your property value. 

It reveals your sophisticated nature and comes in many colors and shades.

Here are the materials, steps, and tips for cleaning laminate floors without affecting their shine.

📋What To Use To Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring

  • Soft broom
  • Clean microfiber or terry cloth
  • Wood flooring-friendly vacuum
  • Steam mop/ Spray mop/ Moist mop

🛒😅Steps to clean

  • Buy a soft bristle broom or a microfiber cloth to sweep the floor regularly. 

😥Note: A soiled cleaning cloth can streak your floor. Always keep two clean and dry mop clothes that can be used alternatively. 

  • Use a vacuum cleaner to easily pull out the dirt. 

😱Warning: Vacuums with a power rotary brush head or a beater bar can scratch wood flooring.

  • You may remove daily stains with steam, spray, or moist mops. Don’t forget to dry the floor immediately. However, using a steam cleaner or damp mop should be rare.

⭐Additional Tips

  • Use only a specialized laminate floor cleaner. Don’t apply the cleaning liquid directly on the floor. Spray it on the mop, and then wipe the floor with it. 
  • Avoid wet mop cleaning. Water seeps through the flooring and reduces the longevity of the wood.
  • Never use household products like soaps, liquid detergents, wax, or harsh cleaning aids to clean laminate floors. 
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😎Expert Tips To Prevent Damage On Mohawk Flooring [Laminate & Hardwood]

The elegant-looking floors don’t just make you feel sophisticated but come with their own benefits.

For example, wooden floors are most comfortable for winter, when the regular tiles or marbles freeze your feet with cold.

Hence, you must know some preventive measures to keep the good going. 

While these tips might sound too much, they are very practical and easy to do. Have a look!

🙅Use Protective Mats

Protect your flooring with high-quality floor mats, especially at the exterior entrance of your home. They collect and trap dust and other corrosive substances. 

Place floor mats in high-trafficked areas to protect the floor age evenly.

🪑Secure the Floor Under the Furniture

Don’t forget to secure the wood’s surface under heavy furniture, fridge, and chairs using felt protectors or protective pads. 

Never slide or roll the furniture directly on the laminate floor while arranging them. 

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👠Keep an Eye on the Footwear

It’s better to keep your outside footwear at the doors. That prevents gritty dirt from entering the house. 

Have soft padded slippers to walk inside the house. Footwear with spiked bases can streak the hardwood floors. 

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☀️Protect From Harsh Sunlight

Excessive heat and fade-causing UV rays lessen the gloss of a wood floor.

Thus, avoid keeping the windows open for longer than required. 

Always secure the window panes with protective window coverings. That saves the hardwood flooring from harsh sunlight, dust, and gritty dirt. 

If you live in hot and dry weather, use a humidifier to prevent wood shrinkage.  

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💅Don’t Allow Stains to Solidify

Every time there is an accidental spill on your floor, wipe it out immediately with a slightly damp cloth before it solidifies. 

Since nail paint spills are pretty common, use an acetone-based cleaner to remove them. 

The longer the stains sit on your floor, the harder it gets to remove them. Plus, the process can be extremely damaging to hardwood floors. 

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👩‍🏫How To Clean Mohawk Laminate Flooring FAQs

Can you wet mop Mohawk Revwood floors?

Never use a wet or fully damp cloth to clean the Mohawk floors; also, don’t leave it wet, as it will humidify the laminate surface quickly. 

Use soft cotton, terry, or microfiber mops to clean floors gently.

How to remove stubborn stains on Mohawk Revwood?

In case of accidental spillage, immediately wipe off the laminate floor so the stain does not settle down.

And to remove stubborn stains, which are caused by nail paints, paints, oil or markers, etc., you should use acetone-based fingernail remover.

Can I use soap to clean Mohawk Laminate Floors?

It’s better not to use soap or detergent to clean the Mohawk floor. 

But if you don’t have a laminate floor cleaner, and it’s an undue emergency, you may use a tiny amount of dish soap or a teaspoon of baby shampoo in a large gallon of water. 

Don’t soak the mop completely with soap. Moist the mop slightly with the mixture, and it will do.

Can I use urethane polish on Mohawk hardwood flooring?

You can use urethane polish on Mohawk hardwood flooring to restore gloss and easily clean the wood’s surface. 

However, be careful what cleaner you use as a bad cleaner can damage the shine and make it look dull.

Should I install Mohawk laminate flooring in the bathroom?

Mohawk laminate floors are usually waterproof, but you shouldn’t use them in the bathroom as it increases the chances of damage. Once damaged, the repair comes expensive.

If any space is left between the planks while installing, water will seep through and end up undermining the core layer. 

You can use wood-textured marbles or tiles for your bathroom décor.

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