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Quantum X Vacuum VS Rainbow

Quantum X Vacuum VS Rainbow: Which Is the Best Water Filtration Vacuum?

Quantum X and Rainbow E2 are water-filtration vacuum cleaners that you can use to clean small and clumsy spaces thoroughly. 

Unlike traditional bagless vacuums, water filtration vacuum cleaners have a much easier disposal method.

Quantum vacuum cleaner is an upright vacuum best for hard floors. On the other hand, the Rainbow vacuum cleaner is a canister vacuum that is good for cleaning carpets and upholstery, apart from hard floors.

Since both are water filtration vacuum cleaners, and they’re superb at their services, it’s natural for you to get confused when choosing one for yourself.

Continue reading for a detailed comparison of Quantum X vs Rainbow!

How We Test Vacuums At Clean Homies

🤔Quantum X Vacuum Reviews: Is It The Best Upright Vacuum On Hard Floors? 


  • Efficient in vacuuming hardwood floors.
  • Customizable settings to adjust small spaces.
  • Effective for cleaning dry or wet dirt and pet hair.
  • Purifies home environment
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Slightly bulky to carry and use.
  • Sometimes the machine finds it difficult to collect the tangled hair from the carpets.
  • It can’t clean solidified dirt.

Quantum X vacuum cleaner is worth the price with its excellent suction power and customizable settings. You can always use its 30-day money-back guarantee if you find the product unsuitable.

🧐Rainbow E2 Review: Is It The Best Canister Vacuum?


  • It comes with a sturdy build to last long.
  • Its in-built air purifier cleans the air at a low speed for a fresh indoor environment.
  • Easy to maintain as its in-built water filter keeps the machine blockage-free.
  • Easy dirty water disposal mechanism.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and 2-year warranty.


  • It makes a loud noise while cleaning. 
  • The hose makes it difficult to clean the stairs.
  • The machine needs to be emptied more often if you have human and pet hair lying around.

Rainbow E2 vacuum cleaner is a one-time asset with its versatile uses, easy maintenance, and long-lasting build. 

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⚖️Quantum X & Rainbow E2 Water Filtration Vacuums: Key Differences

Vacuum NameSuction Power Deep Cleaning StrengthEase Of Use And Maintenance Versatility Customer Support
Quantum X Very Good Very Good Decent Satisfactory Very Good 
Rainbow E2Very Good DecentVery Good Decent Decent

🎖️Quantum X Vacuum

quantum x
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies

Quantum X vacuum cleaner has water filtration that helps suck the tiniest dust particles.

Not only that, but Quantum vacuums also suck germs, purify the air, and draw every harmful bacteria from the environment. The in-built water filter of the vacuum does not block the internals, thus preventing the dust from re-entering the environment due to circulation.

If pet hair is lying around, the vacuum cleaner must be emptied more often after using it. 

1️⃣Suction Power 

Quantum water filtration vacuum cleaner has superb suction power for deep cleaning. So instead of cleaning your carpet twice every week, you can get away with cleaning it once a week.  

With such a low sound, it is hard to believe how strong the suction power of this vacuum cleaner is.  

Also, you’ll notice a significant air quality difference once you start using the Quantum vacuum. It’s a brilliant pick for those suffering from dust allergies. It runs on 1200 watts.

2️⃣Deep Cleaning Strength

Each time you use Quantum X to vacuum your carpet, you will see less accumulation of dirt. 

When I first used the Quantum X vacuum cleaner, I had to replace the water in the canister quite a few times because my carpet was so dirty. But with regular usage, I can clean up to 1200 sq ft with just one or two water replacements. This means it has deeply cleansed my carpet over time.

The best part is this water filtration vacuum picks up dust and dirt without breaking the fibers of your carpet

3️⃣Ease of Use and Maintenance

quantum x cleaning
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies

Well, not to lie, I found Quantum X vacuum quite heavy. It weighs 27.1 lbs. But despite its weight, Quantum X is easily movable. 

Also, the heaviness adds to its sturdy construction, ensuring the vacuum cleaner is more long-lasting than others. 

The accessories that come with Quantum X are:

  • The separator cleaning brush
  • The dusting brush
  • The caddy
  • The upholstery brush
  • The water basin cleaning brush
  • The inflater tool
  • The crevice tool

Unlike typical vacuum cleaners, you don’t have to change clogged filters now and then. Plus, Quantum water filtration vacuums filter with normal tap water. 

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Oh, it is easy to clean under the furniture with a Quantum X upright vacuum! You don’t have to push it inside the corners to suck the dust from there. Keeping the water filter vacuum cleaner at a small distance will do a fair enough job. 

As Versatile As It Gets!

It works on all floor types with varying floor heights. In addition, it can vacuum both dry and wet carpets. I repeat, it can clean liquid messes or wet messes too! 

5️⃣Customer Support and Warranty 

Quantum X vacuum can be replaced or returned within 30 days if the user is dissatisfied with its performance. You get a refund of your total price! Plus, it comes with a 3-years warranty.

🏅Rainbow E2 Vacuum

rainbow e2
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies

Rainbow Vacuum has the same water filtration technology as Quantum X Vacuum with certified air cleaning. 

It traps the dirt from the floors and carpets and puts them directly into the water compartment, leaving no scope for the dirt to re-enter your house via air circulation. Once done, you can easily dispose of the dirty water.  


In addition, Rainbow water filtration vacuums come with a 24-ft detachable power cord to easily clean any corner. 

1️⃣Suction Power

The suction power of Rainbow E2 is as good as Quantum X, so there’s no winner here. However, this vacuum works with 300 watts with great suction power, whereas Quantum X needs 1200. Meaning it’ll save you on your electricity bills.

Performance-wise, it is excellent at sucking all the dirt, dust, and debris with a noise louder than Quantum X. On top of this, I love how fresh and clean the air feels after vacuuming with Rainbow. 

2️⃣Deep Cleaning Strength 

Vacuuming twice a week is enough; you don’t have to repeat every alternate day. And trust me, that’s the first thing I look for because, yes, I’m lazy 😛

Everything gets trapped in the water, from the pet hair to dust, molds, debris, and bacteria, and you’re sorted for 3-4 days straight. 

3️⃣Ease of Use and Maintenance 

Yes, it’s heavier than Quantum X by some 3 lbs. However, three lbs don’t make much of a difference, provided the build and structure of the vacuum cleaner makes it convenient to carry. 

I will always appreciate the sturdy and durable build of Rainbow water filtration vacuums. They last long, even with daily use.

In case the vacuum has minor breaks, the repair is not very expensive. Moreover, you can easily find individual parts of Rainbow E2 in the market, as it has been around for a long time. 

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rainbow e2 accessories
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies

You can use a Rainbow water filter vacuum on hard floors, carpets, and upholstery. It is equally effective in vacuuming nooks and corners under furniture. 

Besides cleaning your floor, the excellent air purifier mechanism of the vacuum leaves your home smelling clean and fresh. The Rainbow water filtration vacuum is good for cleaning wet and dry messes. It doesn’t lose suction over time, and it’s easy to move (as said earlier). 

The additional attachments you can purchase separately for Rainbow machines are:

  • AquaMate (carpet cleaner add-on)
  • JetPad (extra wide hard floor mop tool)
  • RainMate (air humidifier add-on)
  • RainbowMate (for the mattress, carpeted stairways, and car interior cleaning), MiniJet (for upholstery cleaning) and 
  • RainbowMate IL for a sweet scent.

5️⃣Customer Support and Warranty 

Getting a 2-year warranty is a standard deal for water filtration vacuum cleaners. You can return the vacuum cleaner within 30 days of testing it with a full refund. 

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🏆Which Is Better: Quantum X Or Rainbow E2? 

From an investment point of view, the Quantum X water filter vacuum is a fairer purchase. It is a great budget water filtration vacuum.

Not only does the Quantum vacuum cleaner have great functionality, but it also comes with diverse features that other vacuums fail to provide. The accessories that come with the vacuum make a difference in your cleaning system. 

On the other hand, the Rainbow E2 water filter vacuum has easy maintenance features and wide customer support. The certified air purifier machine can last decades, even with daily use. 

Both the water filtration vacuums are far better than regular vacuums. So, you can go ahead and make the purchase based on your priorities. 

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📝Dos And Don’ts Before Using Quantum X & Rainbow E2 Vacuum

Both Quantum X and Rainbow E2 are one of the best water filtration vacuums available in the market. Still, they certainly come with some do(s) and don’t(s) for your safety, as well as the longevity of the water filtration vacuums.  


  • Use polarized plugs to prevent electric shocks.
  • Keep the power cord at a certain distance, so it doesn’t get under your carpet. 
  • Use Quantum vacuums only on dry surfaces indoors.
  • Stay away from flammable substances while you’re handling the machine.
  • Stay away from flammable substances while you’re handling the machine.


  • Do not allow children (especially those under the age of 8 years) to operate the water filtration vacuum cleaners while you’re away. 
  • Unplug the machine after use. Turn off the main switch and unplug it from the main outlet. Do not force or pull the wires to disconnect. It can harm the wires and lead to malfunction. 
  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner before performing the cleaning process.
  • Don’t use portable transformers or voltage converters to operate the water filter vacuums. 
  • Do not try to vacuum the blocked sewage, as the sewage gas can cause an explosion. 
  • Stay away from metallic surfaces or wet surfaces while cleaning. 
  • The power nozzle has a rotating brush. So to prevent any harm to your objects, do not press them against loose surfaces. 
  • After use, don’t try to pull the plug or use it as a handle while vacuuming. When you try to unplug it, instead of forcing the wires to be pulled, hold the back of the main unit or from the wall outlet to disconnect (after turning off the switch). Never take it near any heated objects. Also, if you find any faulty or damaged wires, do not use them. 
  • Never leave the vacuum switched on if you’re not vacuuming or replacing the nozzles. 
  • If you feel your machine is not functioning properly or has any other damages, seek a professional’s help. Never try to repair it on your own; it can lead to further damage. 
  • Never connect the machine to portable transformers or voltage converters. 
  • While vacuuming, do not touch metallic objects, cold or hot water pipes, or wet surfaces. You can get electric shocks. Also, never operate the machine with wet hands. 
  • Never try to override the interlock switch safety feature in the Quantum Vacuum.
  • Do not press the machine against loose surfaces, as the power nozzle may harm the objects. 
  • Don’t drag the power cord under anything. It has to be placed at a distance where there’s no risk of getting under any surfaces. 
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💡Quantum X Vacuum VS Rainbow FAQs

Does Quantum X vacuum work on hardwood floors?

Yes definitely! You can remove any dirt off the floor using the Quantum X squeegee. Also, it comes with a Quantum X Deluxe Package of the water filtration vacuum cleaner.

Does NASA use the Rainbow vacuum?

Yes. NASA uses the Rainbow system to save its historical antiquities from getting polluted. Rainbow Vacuum helps to clean every existing minute dirt particle.

How long do Rainbow vacuums last?

Rainbow Vacuum can last for 20-30 years. But for it to work in the long run, maintenance is the key. 

You can increase the longevity of the rainbow system by cleaning and maintaining it periodically and ensuring electrical safety.

What happens if you run a Rainbow vacuum without water?

Water is an essential part of all water filtration vacuum cleaners. It holds the dirt particles and prevents any blockages in the HEPA filters. 

If you remove water and use the machine, the dirt particles will enter the vacuum cleaner and block the HEPA filter system.

How much does a quantum x vacuum weigh?

Quantum X Vacuum cleaner weighs 27.1 lbs, with the dimensions of the vacuum body being 36.1×15.4×12.6. While the vacuum’s body remains sleek, the weight mainly comes from its rigid construction and solid parts. The capacity of the water filter vacuum is 1.2 pounds.

2 thoughts on “Quantum X Vacuum VS Rainbow: Which Is the Best Water Filtration Vacuum?”

  1. I appreciated reading this comparison!! I’ve been in love with the water filtration concept since the 90s, but I could never afford a Rainbow. Here’s my personal experience:
    I got the Quantum X in Sept 2021. I was over the moon at first. But this vacuum is SO heavy, I have 2 story house, and I could not carry it upstairs and downstairs UGH. It has no carry handle to use for lifting or distributing the weight. And my upstairs is all carpet, downstairs is hardwoods and tile. So I have to keep it only downstairs. The attachments with hose are not very good TBH. I was basically stuck with a vacuum I could only use on one level, meaning I needed 2 vacuums to get both stories. The water basin stains horribly from using the Quantum fragrances, so it looks awful and can’t be cleaned. Quantum customer service told me to buy a new one, but I’m seeing other Quantum users having the same issue. Quantum should replace it free since I followed directions and only used their fragrances.
    Quantum greatly disappointed me, so I got Sirena in September 2022. SUCH a huge difference! Plus, with the basin removed, I could carry the Sirena up and down the stairs much easier (Sirena’s handle on top made the huge difference!) The difference in versatility between Sirena and Quantum is unreal. I can literally clean everything in my house, top to bottom with Sirena. It’s definitely cumbersome and a lot of extra work to use though, so I’m not vacuuming as often as I should be. Sirena has AMAZING, unmatched suction, power, versatility and performance but I miss the convenience of an upright.
    Looking into the Shark Stratos upright now so I be sure I vacuum often. Stratos has upright convenience, but can be converted to a canister easily. Fully-sealed HEPA filtration too YAY! I’m always on the hunt for the “best of the best” vacuum LOL! Afyer spending $1,200 between the two, I have to now sell the Quantum AND Sirena so I can get the Stratos. Thought my personal feedback would be of interest to you. Thx for great reviews!

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