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Prettycare Vacuum Troubleshooting [2024 All-In-One Guide]

Found your Prettycare cordless vacuum cleaner not working? Try this:

  • First, clean the suction channel if it’s blocked. 
  • Switch the electrical outlet of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Check if the machine is properly plugged in and fully powered.

Continue reading for detailed troubleshooting of Prettycare vacuum to continue vacuuming like a pro! 

✅Troubleshoot Prettycare Vacuum Cleaner: Error Codes Fixed! 

1.  Prettycare vacuum cleaner doesn’t workUnload the dust cup
2.  Prettycare vacuum cleaner is not turning on & pausesFix the loose electrical connection
3.  Prettycare vacuum brush is not spinningClean the brush roller
4.  No suction in the Prettycare vacuum Clean suction inlet
5.  Prettycare vacuum is not chargingInspect and replace a dead battery.
6.  Prettycare vacuum is making a weird noiseClear blockages in motor
7.  Prettycare vacuum light blinkingCharge the vacuum fully

❌Error #1: Prettycare Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Work

Prettycare Vacuum not working

It is the worst of all Prettycare errors. But don’t freak out just yet! Instead, look for these tell-tale signs: 

  • Is the filter full of dust? 
  • Has the garbage in the dust box been filtered? 
  • Or do you notice a low suction power? 

🧰How to fix it?

On noticing any of the above signs, try this:

  • Dump the accumulated waste from the cordless vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the filter.
  • Attach the parts and start again.
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🚫Error #2: Prettycare Vacuum Cleaner Not Turning On & Pauses

An unnoticed disconnection, sudden blockage, or drained battery might lead to this issue in cordless vacuum cleaners. So make sure you charge your Prettycare vacuum cleaner on time to keep up its battery life and follow the below steps:

🧰How to fix it?

  • Ensure the charger is well placed in the electrical socket; you may also try switching the electrical outlet. 
  • Power on the cleaner properly.
  • If the suctioning inlet appears blocked, clean it. 
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🔄Error #3:  Prettycare Vacuum Brush Not Spinning

Your vacuum cleaner brush roller won’t spin if wrapped with pet hair and debris. Such accumulation of dirt and debris clog the brush roller and needs tidying up. Here are your steps:

🧰How to fix it?

  • To open the brush roller, press the rolling brush release button. 
  • Detach the roller brush and grab your cleaning tools.
  • Use scissors to cut and remove the clogged pet hair that keeps the roller brush from spinning. Clean the brush chamber thoroughly. 
  • Try rotating the roller brush manually on the floor, keeping it upright. If the brush roller spins smoothly, fit it in the vacuum cleaner and start again. 
  • If the brush roll doesn’t spin, you may replace it with a new one.
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👎Error #4: No Suction in Prettycare Vacuum

No Suction in Prettycare Vacuum

If there’s no suction power in the vacuum cleaner, the possible causes might be a blocked suction inlet, an overflowing garbage box, a dirty filter, or a connection error. Refer to the steps given below and fix these issues right away.

🧰How to fix it?

  • Check the electrical connection and circuit breaker.
  • Unplug, and clear the suctioning tube, filter, and other parts from blockages. 
  • Press the release button to discharge the dust cup. Unload it. 
  • Rotate the cup while holding the vacuum cleaner, aligning the “O” with “^.”
  • Once aligned, remove the dust cup, HEPA, and metal filters.
  • Clean the dust cup with a damp cloth and mild detergent. See that no hair remains stuck to its walls. 
  • Remove the HEPA and metal filters.
  • Clean the filters using water and mild detergent.
  •  Dry the cotton and metal filters completely before returning them to the vacuum cleaner.
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🔌Error #5: Prettycare Vacuum Is Not Charging

The cordless vacuum cleaner might not charge when the battery is not installed correctly, or you use a dead battery. Also, a worn-out charging cable might cause the issue. The steps to fix this are as follows:

🧰How to fix it?

  • Reinstall the battery correctly in the vacuum cleaner.
  • Swap the charging cable or charger and see if that’s the culprit.
  • Give the battery and the charging cable enough testing time to draw a clear conclusion. Don’t remove it immediately from the plug. 
  • Replace the dead battery with a new one.
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🔊Error #6: Prettycare Vacuum Making a Weird Noise

Vacuum making a Weird Noise

Sometimes, blockage in the motor or brush head might obstruct the motor from functioning smoothly and produce a weird noise. Besides, detachment in the belt or hose or air leaks can also cause trouble. Below are some solutions.

🧰How to fix it?

  • Find the blockage in the brush head and clean it immediately. 
  • Clean the motor without using water. 
  • Reattach the belt and the hose properly. 
  • Replace parts that lead to air leaks. 
  • If nothing helps, you may have to replace the motor.
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🚨Error #7: Prettycare Vacuum Light Blinking

A cordless vacuum cleaner shows a blinking indicator when it’s not fully charged. Charging your vacuum’s battery is as important as charging your mobile phone. To charge the cordless vacuum cleaner correctly, refer to these steps:

🧰How to fix it?

  • Insert the charger properly into the electrical outlet.
  • The charging plug should be properly inserted into the machine. 
  • Let the vacuum cleaner charge fully. The blinking will stop once it is fully charged.

You can contact Prettycare support for battery replacements for broken batteries within the warranty period. 

⚡Prettycare Vacuum Maintenance Tips!

Prettycare Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Following these maintenance tips is crucial to keep your vacuum cleaner functioning smoothly:

  • Ensure the Prettycare vacuum cleaner is free from dust, dirt, debris, and clogs. 
  • Keep the battery fully charged.
  • Press the suction power button to change the level of suctioning.
  • To reach under any furniture better, turn the handle to 180°.
  • You may modify metal plates to suit various applications.
  • Place the dual-purpose brush into position to clean couches or curtains.
  • Install the crevice nozzle to clean hard-to-reach areas.
  • Ensure periodic cleaning of the vacuum cleaner after use.
  • Follow the electrical safety precautions from the user manual.

🔦Prettycare Vacuum Troubleshooting: FAQs

How to assemble a Prettycare vacuum?

1. Attach the extension tube to the main unit.
2. Insert the floor cleaning head of your choice into it.
3. Adjust the setting by pressing and holding the middle extension tube button. 
4. Press the same mid button to free the floor cleaning head and other heads.
5. The brush head has an adjustable button to alter its extended shape.

2. How do you clean a blockage?

1. Detach the clogged part.
2. Clear blockages and extract hair lumps with a screwdriver and scissors.
3. Cleanse the vacuum hose or the brush roller thoroughly with water.
4. Allow the parts to dry.
5. Assemble the parts, and be ready for use!

3. What are the vacuum cleaner safety precautions before use?

The cordless vacuum cleaner safety precautions are necessary for using electrical appliances safely in the home to avoid accidents, injury, or damage to the device:

1. Before connecting the appliance to the main power supply, verify that the voltage on the rating plate corresponds with the local network.

2. Do not touch a plugged-in unit or its electrical connections with wet hands. Do not operate it with an external timer or remote control system.

3. Children under eight, seniors, and people with limited physical, sensory, or mental capabilities should be supervised or trained on safe usage and potential hazards before operating the device.

 4. What is the warranty policy of Prettycare Vacuums?

PRETTYCARE offers a 5-year free replacement of parts and lifetime service for any issue. Customers can contact PRETTYCARE’s after-sale service to register and upgrade to the 5-year warranty. Additionally, PRETTYCARE provides 24/7 timely customer service and technical support for further assistance.

5. Why is my Prettycare vacuum not picking up water?

If your Prettycare cordless vacuum cleaners are not picking up water, there could be obvious damage and blockages in the device. To fix it,

1. Empty the dirt cup.
2. See if the filters are clogged.
3. Check the hose for blockage.
4. Check the hose for cracks or tears.
5. Check the brush roller if clogged with pet hair.
6. Make sure all parts are correctly attached.

11 thoughts on “Prettycare Vacuum Troubleshooting [2024 All-In-One Guide]”

  1. I have a W300 vacuum cleaner that starts but stops in 3 seconds with E3 error message. I have cleaned every thing, roller turns but stops. I have done everything the manual and computer says but it still won’t work

    1. Hey George, there can be a battery issue. Is it out of charge? There are two charging ports: on the battery or back of the handle. Flashing indicates the vac is getting charged.
      If that’s not the case, contact customer care!

  2. Travis Heathman

    my prettycare W200 cordless vacuum will just randomly shut off even though it has at full charge.
    the vacuum shuts off first, then the power brush. I have cleaned it thoroughly and after it sits for a while it works normally but after a while it will do it again. the battery seems to be holding a charge well so I don’t know what to look for.

  3. My prettycare w200 shows a full charge but dies to 50 % within a minute. Then it dies within a few short strokes. Like the battery isn’t any good. Unit is clean new filter. Charges quickly I’m lost

  4. my vacuum picks up litter great, however, when I pick up the vacuum to store it, it dumps everything I have just picked up. I have cleaned everything thoroughly and there is nothing blocking the entire tube.

    1. Hey Jacquie, I think your vacuum can have some manufacturing defect. You can contact customer care and avail your warranty (if applicable) to get it fixed.

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