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Tineco S2 vs S3

Tineco S2 vs S3: Head-on Comparison (5 Factors)

Cordless vacuums are super convenient as they are lightweight, portable, and, of course, cordless. Plus, they are easy to maintain and work great for spot spills.

Tineco Floor One S2 and S3 are one of the best cordless vacuums because of their efficiency. Thinking about buying one? If yes, which one should you buy, S2 or S3?

I’ve compared Tineco S2 and S3 to various factors like suction power and maneuverability to clear away all your doubts. Let’s go!

🧹Tineco Floor One S2 Review: Best Wet Dry Vacuum?

Tineco Floor One S2
Tineco S2


  • Simultaneous vacuum and mopping
  • Lightweight
  • Self cleans
  • Impressive suction power


  • Small water tanks
  • Average battery life
  • Not efficient in cleaning edges

The vacuum uses a dual-tank system that separates the clean and dirty water tanks so that the cleaning is done only with clean water. We liked that the handheld vacuum didn’t leave streaks behind. The vacuum also handled cleaning wet messes like a champ.

🧼Tineco Floor One S3 Review: Is It Worth It?

Tineco Floor One S3
Tineco S3


  • Simultaneous vacuum and mopping
  • Easy to carry
  • Self-cleaning function
  • LED display
  • App integration


  • Expensive
  • Not efficient in cleaning tight spaces

The floor dries super quickly after the vacuum cleaning session. There were also very few streaks observed during our testing. Another thing is that the vacuum can not get to tighter spots for cleaning.

How We Test Vacuums At Clean Homies

⚖️Tineco Floor One S2 vs Floor One S3: Key Differences

Tineco VacCleaning EfficiencySuction Power Ease of  use Battery Life Customer support 
Floor One S2GreatGoodGreatAverageFine
Floor One S3ExcellentGreatGreatExcellentFine
  • Cleaning Efficiency: The cleaning efficiency of both vacuum cleaners is excellent. But to point out the differences, the water tanks of Tineco Floor One S3 are bigger. Also, the self-cleaning cycle of S3 works better than Floor One S2. This makes the Tineco Floor One S3 slightly more efficient.
  • Suction Power: Both vacuum cleaners have impressive suction strength. But, the suction power of the Tineco S3 is more than the S2.
  • Ease of Use: Tineco S2 is lighter, so it is easier to carry. The dimensions of both vacuum cleaners are almost the same.
  • Maneuverability: Both vacuums are cordless and easy to move. But it is tough to clean edges and corners with these vacuums. So, Tineco S2 is slightly superior in terms of ease of usage.
  • Battery Life: Tineco S3 offers much more battery life than Tineco S2. The S2 has a battery capacity of 2500 mAh, while the Floor One S3 has a capacity of 4000 mAh. Therefore, not just more than the S2, Tineco S3 has top-of-the-line battery life for a cordless vacuum cleaner. So, here Tineco Floor One S3 has the edge over Floor One S2.
  • Customer support: As both vacuum cleaners belong to the same brand, they offer similar customer support services.

📝Other Differences

The two models have much more significant differences:

  • There is no LED display on the Tineco S2 vacuum. On the other hand, Tineco S3 has an LED display that shows the controls and status of the vacuum.
  • The cleaning process and technology are also different for S2 and S3. S2 has a wash mode, a regular vacuum/normal mode, and a spot mode. S3, on the other side, has an Auto mode, Max mode, and HEPA filtration.
  • The Auto mode of Tineco S3 iLoop uses sensors to detect the level of debris and automatically adjusts the water flow and suction power. Tineco S2 does not have this feature.
  • The Tineco S3 is more expensive. So if you are on a budget, it becomes a significant factor.
  • The S3 also has smart technology (like alarms for different cases). For example, there is a roller blockage alarm, an empty/full water tank alarm, etc.
  • Lastly, the app integration system is only on the S3 vacuum, not the S2.
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🎯Tineco Floor One S2 Detailed Review!

tineco t2

👉Ease Of Use

Tineco Floor One S2 is a competent cordless vacuum cleaner with a sleek and lightweight design. You can easily carry the vacuum up and down the staircase. 

The cool thing about the vacuum is that it mops and vacuums simultaneously! 

You can save so much time by using this vacuum for quick daily clean-ups and washing hard floors. We found its simultaneous vacuuming and mopping feature work satisfactorily on hard floors in our testing, so we recommend this for laminate and hardwood floors only.

🧹Cleaning Efficiency

The vacuum uses a dual-tank system that separates the clean and dirty water tanks so that the cleaning is done only with clean water. We liked that the handheld vacuum didn’t leave streaks behind. The vacuum also handled cleaning wet messes like a champ.

But cleaning dry and tough messes is where the vacuum needs to catch up. It can handle the easy-to-clean dry mess, but if it requires even a bit of scrubbing, the vacuum lets you down. So if it’s about dry messes and removing stains, hand scrubbing works best.

Also, this vacuum lacks behind when it comes to deep clean runs and cleaning of tight corners. The vacuum sure has power, but it isn’t meant for deep cleaning runs. It is for everyday use and does a great job at quick cleanups, and it is not the best solution for removing stubborn stains, etc.

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➕Maneuverability And Add-On Features

The vacuum has a self-propulsion system so that you can move it freely. So in terms of maneuverability, the vacuum is great. 

The vacuum’s battery life is good but in terms of a cordless vacuum. You may be disappointed if you aren’t familiar with a cordless vacuum. Cordless vacuum cleaners have a short run time per charge. So you need to get used to more charging and less usage.

😍What We Like?

One of the features we liked was the Floor One S2 vacuum’s self-cleaning function.

Floor One S2 Self-Cleaning Function!

The function automatically allows the vacuum to flush its inner tubing and brush roller. Although that doesn’t leave the vacuum completely clean, it’s a good cleaning cycle that reduces your task.

🤔What Could Have Been Better?

The clean water tank and dirty water tank systems have an average capacity. Honestly, it would have been better if it was more. This might be a bother if you have to clean a big house.

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🎯Tineco Floor One S3 Detailed Review!

Tineco S3

👉Ease Of Use

Tineco Floor One S3 is a cordless vacuum cleaner that is feature-rich and handy. The vacuum has a lightweight build and a sleek design. You can easily carry the vacuum up and down your staircase.

The simultaneous mop and vacuum feature is not just a gimmick but has satisfactory performance for sealed hard floors like hardwood, laminate, etc. It is also suitable for other types of flooring like – tile, vinyl, wood, laminate, linoleum, and marble.

🧹Cleaning Efficiency

The vacuum has iLoop smart sensor technology that can detect debris on the floor. The vacuum also has an auto mode for setting up the water flow and suction power as well as a Max mode.


However, our testing found that this function does not work for small changes. Instead, it can only differentiate between lesser debris and denser debris.

➕Maneuverability And Add-On Features

Tineco Floor One S3
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies

The floor dries super quickly after the vacuum cleaning session. There were also very few streaks observed during our testing. Another thing is that the vacuum can not get to tighter spots for cleaning.

The LED Display is a Saviour

The Floor One S3 vacuum cleaner has an LED display that shows the different controls and the operational information of the vacuum cleaner. This includes battery level, dirt levels, suction power, malfunction warnings, etc.

😍What We Like?

It is easy to maintain the vacuum cleaner. You can easily clean its components and empty the dirty water tank. The cleaning solution that comes with the vacuum has an excellent scent to it. It also does a good job of cleaning.

The vacuum also has voice assistance that provides real-time updates regarding the power level, performance status, cleaning modes, etc. In our testing, we also liked that the vacuum operated quietly.

🤔What Could Have Been Better?

The mop roller feels small. So vacuuming larger floors takes more time. You should know you may see streaks if you move the mop too fast. So, mop at a moderate pace.

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🏆Which Is Better: Tineco Floor One S2 or S3?

Which Is Better: Tineco Floor One S2 or S3

After a straight comparison, we found the Tineco Floor One S3 to be the winner of this comparison.

  • The S3 vacuum cleaner offers more battery life [runtime: 35 minutes], which is quite impressive.
  • Then comes the iLoop smart technology and Auto mode of the S3. Not to mention that Tineco S3 is also a more recent model of the Floor One series.
  • S3 has bigger water tanks (CWT and DWT) than S2, while S2 is more lightweight than S3.
  • S3 also has an LED display and an alarm system, making it easier to maintain. The S3 has a HEPA filter as well.


After looking at all these pluses of Tineco Floor One S3, we found it to be an easy winner. But Tineco S2 is still a great deal for those with a budget.

Note: Turning on Max Mode in S3 can reduce battery runtime from 35 to 25 minutes.

💡Tineco S2 vs S3: FAQs

Does Tineco S3 leave streaks?

The Tineco Floor One S3 vac does not leave streaks behind if you use it at a moderate pace. However, if you clean too fast, the vacuum may leave streaks.

What is the difference between Tineco S3 & iFloor 3?

The Tineco Floor One S3 vacuum has its base and smart features like voice prompts/voice assistant and APP connectivity. Tineco Ifloor 3, on the other hand, only has the base features of Tineco S3, like simultaneous vacuum and mopping, a digital display, longer battery life, and a separate clean and dirty water tank design.

Is Tineco S3 good for pet hair?

Tineco Floor One S3 is surprisingly good for cleaning pet hair. It can pick pet hair in just one or two sweeps.

Should I use distilled water in my Tineco?

No, using fresh water/tap water is suitable for your Tineco Floor One vacuum. But never use hot water or warm water as it may cause internal damage to the machinery.

What is the difference between iFloor 3 and iFloor 3 Breeze?

Tineco IFloor 3 Breeze is a more compact model than the IFloor 3 vacuum cleaner, but it does not compromise the cleaning performance. The IFloor 3 Breeze offers lesser battery life and comes with a storage dock.

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