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Best vacuum for berber carpet

3 Best Vacuum For Berber Carpet: Honest Review (2024)

It is best to have a vacuum cleaner with high suction power that doesn’t have a spinning brush to clean Berber carpets. The powerful suction will pull dirt deep within, and not having a rotating brush will keep the weave undamaged.

Based on relevant parameters like suction power, I’ve reviewed and rated the 3 best vacuum for Berber carpet in 2024. Find it all here 👇

🎯3 Top Vacuums For Berber Carpet [Cheatsheet]

Shark Stratos#1

Shark StratosBest Overall

  • Suction Power: Stratos got you covered with its adjustable strong suction strength
  • Vacuum type: Adjustable and lightweight upright vacuum cleaner
  • Bin capacity: 1.4 liters
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Build: Well built using premium materials
  • Efficiency: A bit heavy but efficient
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Hoover MAXLife #2

Hoover MAXLife Upright vac

  • Suction Power: Impressive power that can handle pulling stubborn dirt from your Berber carpet
  • Vacuum type: An upright vacuum cleaner with a bagless bin
  • Bin capacity: 2.5 liters
  • Warranty period: 5 years
  • Build: Well built with average quality material
  • Efficiency: Highly efficient to use
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Yeedi Vac Station#3

Yeedi Vac StationRobot vac

  • Suction Power: Easily pulls pet hair and dirt off the tile floors and carpets
  • Vacuum type: Robot Vacuum cleaner
  • Bin capacity: 420 milliliter
  • Warranty period: 1-year warranty; 30 days free return
  • Build: Great built using good materials
  • Efficiency: Efficient to use but requires supervision
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How We Test Vacuums At Clean Homies

☑ Best Vacuum For Berber Carpet: Detailed Reviews

Berber Carpet VacuumSuction Power Ease of usageDurability Overall efficiency Warranty/ customer support 
Shark Stratos One of the best in the market [Best]Heavy yet convenient to use [Impressive]High quality, well built [Best]Impressive5-year warranty[Impressive]
Hoover MAXLife Easily pulls stubborn dirt [Impressive]Inconvenient in tight spaces [Good]Average plastic built [Good]ImpressiveBad customer support, warranty unspecified [Bad]
Yeedi Vac Station Easily pulls hairs and dirt [Good]Once set up, easy to use[Impressive]Well-built [Impressive]GoodGreat customer support, 1-year warranty [Best]

🦈Shark Stratos: Best Shark Vacuum For Berber Carpet

Shark Stratos
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies


  • Powerful suction with adjustable levels
  • Efficient to use
  • Well-built with quality materials
  • Good for pet owners
  • Good warranty and customer support
  • Overall well-balanced product


  • Small sized bin
  • Heavy

First of all, I was seriously impressed by the power of the Shark Stratos. I find it to be one of the best Shark vacuum cleaners. It’s an exceptional vacuum cleaner for woven Berber carpets and other low-pile carpets. 

The bin is of standard size, so if your pet sheds lots of hair, you may find the bin small for your needs. The built quality is great, and the vacuum power is adjustable. The head has LED lights to thoroughly clean the dark corners.

🍃Suction Power

As I mentioned, this powerful vacuum cleaner has one of the best suction capabilities in the market. You can feel the power just by holding the vacuum, which pulls out dirt stuck in the Berber carpet.

The suction power can also be adjusted, and you can choose from 3 available power levels. Control over vacuum power is always useful while cleaning Berber carpets.  

I found it necessary to mention that Stratos is good for pet owners too. Even if you use the roller, pet hair doesn’t get tangled on it, which could sometimes be very annoying when using other vacuum cleaners.

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▶Ease of Usage

It’s not a 10/10 in terms of ease of usage, as it’s heavier. But the weight isn’t just for show. You can use it to clean underneath furniture, and the head has a very accurate swivel. When you get used to it, the weight will feel just right. 

LED Lights To Clean Dark Areas!

You get LED lights on the vacuum, which makes it super-easy to clean dirt from dark areas under the table. The lights are bright enough to see all the dust and dirt easily.

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Shark Stratos upright vacuum cleaner is durable, thanks to its premium quality materials. You just need to check once in a while if the components are fine and if nothing is stuck in the vacuum. The finishing of the components shows that the vacuum is well-made.

💹Overall Efficiency 

Stratos will catch your eye for its efficiency. It’s not a vacuum cleaner that focuses on particular areas; it’s a complete package for Berber carpet cleaning. The great power, combined with its filtration system and sealed technology, has made me tick all the boxes on my checklist. 

⏯Warranty/Customer Support

You get a 5-year limited warranty with the product. Also, you get a 90-Day money-back guarantee. That makes Shark Vacuum super reliable for customers. The customer support team responds to complaints politely and efficiently. The brand tries to provide hassle-free service to customers.

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⚒Hoover MAXLife: Best Lightweight Vacuum

Hoover MAXLife
Adarsh P/ Clean Homies


  • Powerful suction
  • Big bin capacity
  • Remove pet hair in a single sweep
  • Cleans Berber carpeting quickly.


  • Average built
  • Below-average customer service

Being one of the most useful bagless vacuums for pet owners, Hoover MAXLife can clean Berber carpets efficiently. It has got impressive vacuum power to be your daily cleaning companion. Also, with a large-size bin, you need not be concerned about emptying it now and then.

The vacuum is great for pet owners, too, as it can easily pull hairs from the surface. Customers are mostly satisfied with the results. However, customer support and warranty concerns may dissatisfy a few people.

🎷Suction Power

The Hoover MAXLife vacuum cleaner has great vacuum power, which is perfect for what it focuses on, pulling out stuck dirt and cleaning pet hair. You will be impressed by how much dirt it can pull. In addition, it is not too heavy, so you can easily carry it around the house.

🙊Ease of Usage 

As mentioned before, it is not a very heavy vacuum cleaner, you can carry it easily. 

Its dirt collection and filtration technology make it super-useful for pet owners. But still, it’s not convenient to use around tight spaces. So, I think it holds an 8/10 for being easy to use.


The customers have given mixed reactions regarding its built quality. I found the material a bit cheap, but it’s usable for atleast 2-3 years. 

🌱Overall Efficiency 

Thanks to its pulling power, it can pick dirt and pet hair in a single sweep. So, it’s quite efficient. The only concern is that it’s inconvenient to use in tight spaces.

Are You a Pet Owner?

Hoover MAXLife is the best vacuum cleaner for pet owners with Berber carpets at home due to its dirt collection and filtration technology.

🔨Warranty/Customer Support 

As per my research, customers have faced problems availing of the warranty benefits. You also don’t get the option of purchasing a warranty. That might be concerning for a few.

🔩Yeedi Vac Station: Detailed Review

Yeedi Vac Station
Adarsh/ Clean Homies


  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Convenient to use
  • Easily pulls hairs
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Can work on uneven surfaces
  • Great customer support


  • Gets tangled up in wires
  • Takes more time to clean
  • Need to keep an eye on it

Yeedi is a leading Chinese vacuum cleaner brand that has been around for many years. They manufacture good quality and budget-friendly vacuum cleaners.

Moreover, they are improving their products which is why the brand has started to gain popularity.

The Yeedi Vac Station Robot Vacuum Cleaners have proven suitable for deep cleaning Berber carpets. The runtime is great, and its cleaning strength is also satisfactory. Though it takes more time to vacuum than traditional cleaners, it’s still convenient to clean carpets with them.  

🌬Suction Power

The results I found were better than what I expected. The vacuum has got decent power, good enough to pull stuck dirt. It can do a good Berber carpet cleaning without damaging the threads.

The vacuum cleaner handles stubborn pet hair removal from the Berber carpet like a champ. It could be a great buy for pet owners as well.

☢Ease of Usage 

Yeedi vac station is easy to use. However, if you think it can handle everything independently, that’s not the case. It can do most of the work but struggles with particular scenarios.

Got Furnitures? No Problem!

It can easily clean under furniture because of its small height. There is a bit of a struggle initially for mapping, but once it’s all set and done, you’re good to go.

It can clean spacious rooms well. But if there are a lot of obstacles in its path, it will take some extra time. It might also get confused in tough corners sometimes.

You can’t just rely on it to do the cleaning by itself. You need to keep lightweight objects away as it does hit them. Also, keep wires and tangling stuff away. But, overall, it’s easy to use.


The vac station is made up of durable materials. The accessories are well made, and the quality won’t disappoint you. In case you get a damaged product, you can claim its warranty. Rest, it gets my thumbs up.

🧐Overall Efficiency 

It is efficient to use. The vac station can manage cleaning uneven surfaces. Just don’t lose sight of it. The vac will do the cleaning but you must keep a check to see if it’s doing fine. Sometimes it may get tangled in wire or get stuck in a place. 

It can also topple lightweight objects, so keep those away. However, once used a couple of times, it will be worthwhile to you. 

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🛠Warranty/Customer Support

Yeedi has turned out to be one of the very few brands to provide quality service. 

The brand provides 30 days of free return and a 1-year warranty for the product. In addition, customer support responds fast to your requests.

👀Is Berber Carpet Hard to Vacuum?

cleaning berber carpet with vacuum and spray

Berber carpets are unique, with loops weaved of fibers. 

Originating in Africa, the Berber tribe used looped-style weaving, which is quite durable. The knowledge about it spread and became super popular back then. The style is still well and alive, known for being stain-resistant and long-lasting.

The Berber carpet has a looped texture. Synthetic fibers feel smooth, while natural fibers are soft to the touch. There are a variety of colors and designs out there. You can easily find the right design and color to complement your house perfectly.

You can also find a variety of fabrics used, including the wool Berber loop carpet, which has a supreme look to it.  

The carpet weave is prone to damage if not vacuumed properly. If the loops’ fibers lose, the Berber carpet will lose its elegance and flatten quickly. 

So, you should always use a vacuum that can pull dirt deep within the Berber carpet without pulling the fibers. For this, you need a high-power vacuum without a spinning brush. The carpet requires strong but gentle cleaning. A spinning brush can potentially damage the carpet, which will be irreversible.

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🎯The Expert Buying Guide For Berber Carpet Vacuum Cleaners

🌎Vacuum Cleaner type

Type of Vacuum Cleaner

You will need adjustable suction power, a beater bar, and interchangeable attachments in a handheld vacuum for Berber carpet. This provides more control over the vacuuming. Remember that a triple-action brush roll is good for cleaning carpets, but that does not apply to the loop-style Berber carpet.

Avoid stick vacuum cleaners as they don’t have enough power to pull stubborn dirt from Berber carpets. The best vacuum cleaners for Berber carpet are mostly heavier because of their strong motor.

Upright vacuum cleaners are generally used for cleaning Berber carpets because they provide higher suction strength. Having a long hose is also recommended to conveniently reach tight spots.

Always prefer upright vacuums over canister vacuums for thorough cleaning of floors because a canister vacuum is harder to move on carpets.

📇HEPA Filter Option

HEPA Filter in Vacuum cleaner

It’s annoying and inconvenient when dirt gets stuck deep in Berber or high-pile carpets. Here’s where the HEPA filter comes in. They do not put the fine dust particles back in the air, making Berber carpet cleaning top-notch.

Without a HEPA filtration system, fine dirt particles can seep down the loops of Berber carpet. We know it’s tough cleaning Berber carpet when dirt seeps deep in it.

A vacuum without a HEPA filter will throw back minute particles back into the air from the exhaust. These particles could be dust or allergens. Thus, HEPA filters are also recommended for those with allergies. 

🔌Height Adjustment

Height Adjustment in vacuum cleaner

Head height adjustment becomes necessary when you have space between the vacuum head and the floor. Control over vac height prevents the tangling of threads and accidentally pulling the carpet fibers. It is one of the necessary vacuum features you will be glad to have.

💦Suction Power

Suction Power of vacuum cleaners

The vacuum should have high suction power as it is needed to pull dirt from in between the loops. Also, increasing and decreasing power levels lets you choose the perfect suction strength for your needs.

⚙Added Accessories

Accessories like LED lights on vacuum heads let you see dirt in dark corners and under the furniture, which is good for cleaning carpets, especially to clean Berber carpets, as it’s tough to see hidden dirt in the loops in low light.

Vacuum accessories make the vacuum useful for various purposes, like cleaning walls and ceilings. For example, the crevice tool is useful in cleaning corners and edges around the house. It can even be used to pull dirt from thin gaps. 

Accessories like a flexible dusting brush allow you to clean tough-to-reach areas like the surface of fan blades. Using an upholstery tool is useful for cleaning mattresses and sofas. These are like a bonus to your purchase.

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🤔Berber Carpet Vacuum FAQs

Is Berber Carpet Good For High-Traffic Areas?

Berber carpets offer durability and an appealing look, making them a good choice for high-traffic areas. In addition, they have loops that provide strength. That is what separates them from other carpets having strands.

The Berber carpets are also resistant to stains to some extent. This makes them even more reliable than several kinds of floorings available in the market.

Can You Clean The Berber Carpet With A Steam Cleaner?

It depends on the type of material used to make the Berber carpet. If a synthetic material like polyester is used, steam cleaning can be suitable.

You are not supposed to wet Berber carpets. But steam cleaners are fine because they take in excess moisture.

Do Robot Vacuums Work On Berber Carpets?

Yes, there are robot vacuums that can clean Berber carpets well. The Yeedi Vac Station mentioned above is a good example of it. The best robot vacuum in the market has significantly improved as it can clean uneven surfaces easily.

Why Should Berber Carpet Not Be Vacuumed With A Beater Brush?

Using a beater brush will loosen up the fibers of the characteristic loops in Berber carpet. The appearance will get fuzzy over time, and the damage will be permanent.

High suction vacuuming without a brush roll is preferred for a Berber carpet to maintain its aesthetics and longevity. A brush roll is only good for carpets without loops.

Is Berber Carpet Outdated?

Berber carpets were super popular in the 90s because of their durability and elegant aesthetics. They are known by different names, like ‘looped style carpets,’ but are still popular. This is because they are not at all outdated.

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