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How To Get Soap Out Of Carpet: Simple DIY Steps (2024)

If you leave your carpet to dry after spilling dishwater, mildew (a form of fungus) could grow there. It can also potentially damage the floor underneath. 

💡Here’s What You Need to Do:

For a wet spill, wipe the carpet with a clean cloth. Then repeatedly press a moist towel on the carpet, squeezing the absorbed water until no soap residue is left.

Keep reading as we promise you a thorough guide on how to get soap out of carpet to keep them clean and odor-free in record time!

💦 How To Get Dish Soap Out of Carpet (Liquid Soap)

Wet spills or carpet liquid soap spills are accidental spills of cleaning solution on your carpet. They are wet because the spill has happened recently, and you can easily detect soap on the carpet. Unfortunately, it is quite common in households and is also easily ignored. 

😉Here’s the Funny Part:

It’s super-easy to clean liquid detergent stains or soap spills on the carpet, provided you have the right materials and follow the steps mentioned below.

🧺 Materials Needed

  • Two dry and clean white towels (or of light color)
  • Warm water in a bucket
  • A wet-dry vacuum cleaner
  • A portable fan (preferred over ceiling fans)

✨ Steps To Clean Liquid Spills

  • Pick up a clean, dry towel and wipe as much soap on the carpet as possible. Dip a clean towel in warm water to remove soap residue, squeezing out all the extra water.
  • Spread and press the moist towel on the carpet for soap residue cleaning.
  • Rinse the towel or use another damp towel soaked in warm water.
  • Repeat the spreading and pressing of the towel, squeezing the excess soap water.
  • Once the carpet looks less damp and clean, it’s time to dry it with a wet-dry vacuum cleaner.
  • Open the windows and turn on a portable fan to disperse vapors and moisture. The air circulation should be good.

📝 Important Notes

  • Ignoring wet spills can cause mildew (a fungus) to grow.
  • Chemicals of soap can weaken the fibers of your carpet in case of unattended remaining soap residue.
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🤔 How To Get Dried Soap Stains Out Of Carpet

As it is evident from the name itself, a dry spill or a dried soap stain is an old soap stain that is now dried up and maybe barely visible.

They can be a week old or might have dried up quickly because of the ceiling fan at full speed. They attract a lot of dirt, and you should not leave them on your carpet. 

Here’s how you can clean dried soap stains without breaking your head: 

🧺 Materials Needed

  • White vinegar
  • Warm water in a bucket
  • 2 clean, dry, and thick towels
  • An empty bucket
  • Wet-dry vacuum cleaner
  • A portable fan for quick drying

✨ Steps To Clean Dried Spills

  • Use a damp, wet towel soaked with vinegar and warm water.
  • Wipe the carpet with a dry towel to remove the soap. Rinse and repeat until the soap has been removed (it may leave a bit of soap residue behind).
  • Use warm water on the affected area to rinse off the soap residues.
  • Blot the carpet with a dry fresh towel to remove excess water.
  • Use a wet-dry vacuum to clean the stained area. 
  • Use a portable fan to disperse the moisture as it evaporates. Keep the windows open.

📝 To Note

  • The smell of vinegar will fade away as the carpet dries.
  • Don’t use vinegar for wool, silk, or other natural fiber carpets. Using warm water will do the trick here.
  • If you have dark-colored carpets or delicate fabric carpets, pour vinegar on a small, unnoticed area. Then, leave it for a whole day and see if it fades. If it does, don’t use vinegar in the process.
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🧼 How To Get Soap Out Of Carpet Without Vacuum

🧻 Using Absorbent Kitty Litter

You may already know about kitty litter, especially if you have a cat. Cats use them to bury their excreta, but we’ve found them to be very effective for removing wet spills of concentrated dishwashing liquid or soap. 

Follow these steps below to systematically use kitty litter for cleaning carpet stains without a vacuum cleaner:

✨ Steps To Clean

  • Spread a large amount of kitty litter on the stained area to cover it entirely. Do it when the spill is recent and wet. The target is to absorb as much of the soap as possible.
  • After a while, collect and throw the litter. Avoid pressing the litter into the carpet; brush it off.
  • Once the litter is removed, spray warm water on the carpet. The target is not to completely get it soaked but wet enough to blot.
  • Use an old dry towel to blot up the water. Avoid rubbing the carpet, and do not apply excess pressure.
  • Repeat spraying and blotting if the spill is still there.
  • Once the dish soap spill has been effectively cleaned, let it dry under a fan. 

💡 Pro Tip: Unless the carpet is completely air-dried with step 6, do not let anyone step on it [even though he is your best friend 😤].

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🧽 Using Sponge

If you got a dried soap stain, the sponge and blot method might be what you are looking for. 

Just follow these steps [no vacuum required]: 

🌟 Steps To Clean

  • Take a large container and fill a gallon of hot water in it. Add a cup of plain white vinegar and mix well.
  • Take a sponge (or a clean towel) and soak it in the diluted vinegar.
  • Squeeze the sponge on the stained area. Let the carpet soak up the vinegar and water solution for a few minutes.
  • Use a clean old towel to blot the spot.
  • Repeat the sponge, squeezing and blotting with firm pressure until the stain is cleaned. Use a fresh towel each time you blot (so keep a few old towels at your disposal). It mostly takes 2-3 times to sponge and blot to clean a dried stain.
  • Let the remainder dry. 
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📝 Things To Know

While this method works for most carpet types, vinegar can cause discoloration for some carpets. So it’s best to use white vinegar. 

To be double sure, place a few drops of vinegar on an overlooked area of your carpet to test for discoloration. If the carpet is not discolored after a day, you may proceed with the cleaning.

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🤷‍♂️ How To Get Soap Out Of Carpet Using Shop-Vac Vacuum

A wet-dry or a shop-vac vacuum is a great tool for cleaning soap stains. They are powerful and remove liquids and particles from the carpet effectively.

To remove soap stains with a shop-vac, follow the steps below:

🧼 Steps To Clean Soap:

  • Fill boiling hot water in a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the hot water on the soap-affected area until it is completely soaked.
  • Vacuum the carpet with the shop-vac vacuum cleaner to remove the water using a suitable attachment.
  • Leave the spot damp for some minutes, letting the hot water pull out the remaining detergent.
  • Repeat spraying hot water and vacuuming until the stain has been removed.
  • Use a dry towel to blot the area to remove soap residue.

You can repeat wet-dry vacuuming and blotting to clean the soap residue remains (if needed). Avoid foot traffic until it’s completely dry.

📝 Things To Note:

If you intend to use a shop-vac vacuum and vinegar solution to remove the stain, test it out beforehand if the carpet fades due to vinegar. Modern carpets generally have colorfastness features, so fading is not an issue.

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🙄 What Happens If You Leave Soap in Carpet?

  • If you are leaving soap spill on your carpet, It’s not just the stain to be worried about, as the spill could potentially damage the carpet fibers.
  • Soap spills can sink deep into the carpet and damage the flooring.
  • As liquid soap contains moisture, a spill left on the carpet might cause mildew (a fungus) to grow.
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👀 Soap Spills and Stains On Carpet FAQs

How to get body wash out of the carpet?

To clean a body wash spill:

a) First, use paper towels to soak up as much soap as possible. 
b) Next, dampen the area with warm water to dissolve the soap. 
c) Then, use thick dry towels on the wet area to soak up the remainder. 
d) Press firmly to soak as much as possible. 
e) Then, use a dry cloth to dry the carpet. 
f) Leave the rest to air dry.

How to get laundry detergent out of carpet?

Spray boiling water over the stained carpet with a spray bottle. Wet it enough so the surface feels foam-like spongy to the touch. Then use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to clean the excess water on the entire carpet surface.

Can dish soap residue stain carpets?

Yes, dish soaps have dyes that can sink into the carpet fibers and, ultimately, stain the carpet.

How to get carpet shampoo residue out of the carpet?

Cleaning fresh shampoo residue from the carpet is the same as cleaning a body wash spill mentioned earlier. 

a) First, use paper towels to soak up most of the residue. 
b) Then you spray warm water and use thick clean towels to absorb the rest. 
c) Finally, use a dry cloth to absorb excess water. 
d) You may also use a wet-dry vacuum for the drying.

How to get bubble soap out of carpet?

Use a dry towel to remove the soapy water if you detect foaming and soap bubbles in the carpet. In case of any stickiness, use warm water to dampen the spot and thick towels to dry it.

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