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Shark Vacuum Roller Brush Starts Then Stops? (7 Reasons Why)

Has your Shark vacuum cleaner suddenly stopped while working?

Here are some common reasons:

  • Accumulation of junk leading to blockage
  • Broken parts, and 
  • Overheating of the motor. 

You can troubleshoot this by:

  • Allowing enough resting time for the vacuum motor. 
  • Clean the roller brush, hose, nozzle, and filter thoroughly. 
  • Replace the broken belt or nozzle of the vacuum. 

Read on for seven reasons the shark vacuum brush roller stops with its step-by-step troubleshooting tips.

🤔Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Not Spinning? [Solved]

Clogged brush rollRemove the hair and debris clogged in the roller brushes. 
Displaced nozzleClean the nozzle thoroughly and position it correctly.
Damaged BeltChange the drive belt.
Full dust cupEmpty dust cup. 
Overheated motorSwitch off the machine and let it rest for 45 to 60 minutes.
Shark is not connected properlyAssemble the parts together
Faulty hose/rollerCheck the parts and clean the hose with cold water.

👀Reason #1: Clogged Brush Roll

Clogged Brush Roller

How it stops Shark vacuum: 

The cause why is the vacuum brush not spinning can be as simple as a blocked roller brush. If the shark vacuum brush roll is clogged with junk, carpet fibers, pet hair, long hair, and debris, it cannot move.  

You can detach the vacuum parts to see the blockage and buy specialized tools from Shark customer care to clear the debris.

Anyways, we’ll tell you to remove the blockage completely free!

How to fix: 

  • Turn off the power switch and unplug the vacuum. 
  • Detach the shark vacuum brush roll by accessing the roller brush switch.
  • Loosen the tangled hair with a handy stitch picker, and cut the hair shafts with scissors from the vacuum’s roller brush. 
  • Wipe off the vacuum cleaner’s brush roll and other parts with a damp cotton cloth.
  • Reassemble the pieces and check if the machine is functioning correctly.
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🚿Reason #2: Displaced Nozzle

How it stops shark vacuum: 

The nozzle is a pipe or tube that regulates the speed of the shark vacuum cleaners. A loose, displaced, or broken nozzle will leave the vacuum brush not spinning. Thus, it’s essential to keep the nozzle head properly placed. 

How to fix:

  • Check whether the vacuum’s nozzle is broken or displaced. Fix the wrong setting. 
  • If any dirt, hair, or debris is clogging the nozzle, then remove it.
  • Turn on the power button and check if the shark vacuum brush roller starts to work. Call customer care if the nozzle needs replacement.
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❌Reason #3: Damaged Belt

Damaged Belt

How it stops Shark vacuum: 

The belts of the shark vacuums help rotate the roller brush. However, the vacuum brush might stop spinning if the drive belt is damaged or not correctly fastened to the brush roller. 

NOTE: Attempt this only when you’re experienced in performing such tasks. Watch this video before trying it: 

How to fix:

  • Press the Shark navigator lift away button and pull the handle to detach the vacuum body. 
  • Flip over the base to reach the bottom of the vacuum. Remove the wheels using a metal spudger.
  • Use a screwdriver to remove all the nine 16mm screws from the vacuum. Unscrew the 13.5 mm screws. Remove the cover. 
  • Squeeze the pin and pull up to remove the base wire.
  • Remove the two screws to open the cover of the brush roll plate. 
  • Pull out the shark vacuum brush roll, followed by the broken belt.
  • Place the new drive belt.
  • Attach all the screws and components back into place. Ensure every part of the vacuum cleaner is completely attached, as before. Switch it on, and check if the problem is solved.
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💩Reason #4: Full Dust Cup

How it stops shark vacuum: 

If the dust reaches maximum capacity, that’s a red alert! Even though the shark models have good suction power, a full dust cup cease the brush roll spin to prevent overflow or break of the vacuum.

How to fix:

  • Disconnect the power supply. 
  • Detach the dust box of your Shark vacuum.
  • Press the release button to empty the dust cup into a garbage bin.
  • Brush off the lint screen to remove leftover pet hair and debris. 
  • Reassemble the parts and check if your shark vacuum cleaner functions correctly.
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🔥Reason #5: Overheated Motor

Overheated Motor

How it stops shark vacuum:

Clogged brush rolls or blockages in shark rollers often lead to overheating the shark vacuum cleaners. If the motor gets heated up, it will cut out (thanks to the motor-protective thermostat) to avoid further damage. Hence, the shark rotator brush roll will stop spinning.

How to fix:

  • Unplug and switch off the machine.
  • Empty the dust cup. 
  • Use water to clean the filter.
  • Remove the floor nozzle for Shark vacuums that use HEPA filters and clean it thoroughly. 
  • Ensure that the shark vacuum brush roller doesn’t have blockages.
  • Leave the machine switched off for at least 45 minutes to cool down.
  • Reassemble the parts correctly, and start the vacuum.
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👎Reason #6: Shark Not Connected Properly

Shark Not Connected Properly

How it stops shark vacuum:

If you observe flickering and blinking of LED headlights, that’s a big concern. The shark roller brush compartment might not be closed properly. If the red and green indicator lights are not flashing, it means the parts of the machine are not connected appropriately. 

How to fix:

  • Ensure the floor nozzle, wand, and main unit are in the proper setting.
  • Shut the Shark vacuum roller brush compartment.
  • Connect the entire unit properly and check the functioning of the vacuum cleaner.
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🍥Reason #7: Faulty Hose/Roller

Faulty Hose Roller

How it stops Shark vacuum:

A broken or damaged hose can prevent the Shark Vacuums from functioning. The machine may instantly cut out and stop the shark vacuum brush roller from rotating to control further damage.

How to fix:

  • Turn off the power switch of the shark vacuum cleaner.
  • Remove the pet hair, tangled hair, and debris from the roller brush or hose.
  • Clean the hose and washable parts of the vacuum with warm water. Wipe off the non-washable parts with a damp cotton cloth.
  • Let the components dry for 24 hours.
  • A broken hose must be replaced. Reconnect all the parts and start the vacuum.

🎯Shark Vacuum Maintenance Tips 

Shark Vacuum Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your Shark model involves careful use of the device and regular cleaning, apart from keeping electrical safety. 

Here are some valuable tips to get started (for more, check the product manual):

  • Empty and clean the vacuum parts like dust cups after every use.
  • Check blockages in parts like the floorhead, wand, hose, roller brush, and airways.
  • Remove and clean the filters often, so the suction power stays unchanged.
  • Avoid vacuuming bobby pins, bits of string, paper, and wrappers.
  • Clean the brush rollers.
  • There are two types of Shark vacuum cleaners. For floorheads with one roller brush, unfasten the vacuum’s floor roller, and remove any junk, debris, and tangled hair left in the spinning brush roll. Use scissors to cut away strings and hair wrapped around the roller brush.
  • Shark DuoClean floorheads have a soft front roller and a bristle roller brush. Remove any blockages and dirt from the roller brush bristles. Clean the soft front roller by removing loose debris, and use a damp towel to clean the brush roll. 

🙊Shark Vacuum Roller Brush Starts Then Stops: FAQs 

What to do when your vacuum brush stops spinning?

When the shark vacuum brush does not spin:

1) Switch off the vacuum. 
2) Clear the dirt and blockages from the shark vacuum parts.
3) Finally, wash the washable parts of the vacuum under running water; the non-washable parts can be wiped off with a clean damp cloth. 
4) Replace the broken parts with new ones. 
5) Let all the components dry for 24 hours. 
6) Reassemble your vacuum cleaner and start it again. 

Where is the brush bar reset button on my shark vacuum?

The shark vacuum brush bar reset is at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner. 

How to fix the shark brush roll indicator green but the vacuum brush not spinning?

Whether it’s a Shark duo, a Shark Rocket, or a Shark Navigator, your Shark vacuum models’ brush stops spinning at times with a green light. 

Here’s the cause of the vacuum brush not spinning:
1) A damaged belt, 
2) Dust cup full of garbage, 
3) Blockages in the vacuum parts, and 

The overheated motor doesn’t allow the shark vacuum brush roll to rotate even though the green indicator is on. 

To fix it:
1) Replace the damaged parts, and 
2) Clean the shark vacuum brush roll, dust cup, filter, and hose. 
3) Finally, allow the motor to cool down for an hour. 
4) Reassemble the parts and start again to check if the shark roller brush spins. 

What does the shark brush roll indicator red mean?  

A red brush roll indicator light flashing on shark vacuums indicates that the motor is overheated or there’s a blockage in the shark vacuum brush roll. That could lead to the vacuum brush not spinning. 

What is the life expectancy of a shark vacuum cleaner?

Shark vacuums last five to eight years, provided they are well-maintained with the tips we mentioned earlier 😉

6 thoughts on “Shark Vacuum Roller Brush Starts Then Stops? (7 Reasons Why)”


    1. It can be a clogged brush roll or overheated motor. Refer to the steps detailed in the tutorial. Hope this helps!

  2. My shark green light ,headlamp go off and roller stops whenever I pull it backwards, when I push forward it all goes back on

    1. Hi Jay, you can refer to the reasons detailed in our guide. If you still can’t troubleshoot, contacting Shark customer care will be a good choice.

  3. My shark professional navigator beater bar starts when I lower the machine into sweeping position. But stops within 2 seconds. The bar is clean and rolls freely by hand. I’ve tried wiggling the switch and moving the handle back and forth out of upright position with no short evident. The action seems positive and direct. It simply goes to red light and stops turning. Laid the machine on it’s side and tried these operations again, which allowed a perfect view of the bar starting and stopping.

    1. Hey Windel, There can be hair stuck at one end of brush roll so you can open it and clean to see if starts rolling again. Otherwise you can check for things like displaced nozzle or damaged belt as detailed in our guide. Hope it helps!

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