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Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out? (SOLVED!)

Vacuums are supposed to clean floors, but is your vacuum cleaner spitting dirt, dust, and litter out? 

Here’s why the exact opposite is happening:

  • The vacuum is clogged by debris 
  • The vacuum belt is twisted
  • The vacuum bag is incorrectly positioned or filled with dirt.

As you might have guessed, you can:

  • Check for blockages and remove clogs
  • Repair/replace the vacuum belt
  • Position the vacuum bag correctly 

Continue reading for 8 detailed reasons why your vacuum cleaner is spitting stuff back out, along with practical ways to solve them. 

🤔Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Dirt Back Out? [Solved]

The filter is blocked/leakingRinse the dirty filters if the label says washable.
Hose ProblemsClean the hose and connect it to the “suck” end of the vacuum cleaner.
You vacuumed liquidUnplug the vacuum cleaner and let it dry
Battery defectsGet new batteries
Bag defective or blockedClean the vacuum bag if it is blocked. Patch the torn part of the defective vacuum bag or replace it.
Motor defectsCheck if the power is constant or visit a repair shop
Defect in the brush rollClean the brush roll and replace the damaged vacuum belt
Wrong plug placementChange the plug 

📌Filter Blockage/Leaking

Filter Blockage or Leaking

The vacuum cleaner’s HEPA filter can be clogged with debris, so you must clean it once a month for proper suction.


  • Check the label on the vacuum filter or user manual.
  • If the label says “washable,” remove the HEPA filter and rinse it well with water and baking soda.
  • Carefully remove all the accumulated dirt and other particulates.
  • However, if the label says “permanent,” your only option is to change the clogged filter.
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📌Hose Problems

Check the vacuum hose of your cylinder cleaners. The hose must be connected to the right end, i.e., to the “suck” option and not to the “blow.”


  • Remove the hose from the “blowing” option.
  • Connect it to the other part.

Another common issue is that the vacuum hose might be clogged. 


  • Detach the hose from the vacuum.
  • Take the hose to a well-lit area to check for any clogging inside.
  • Find something to clean the hose from the inside, like needle-nose pliers or fine sticks.
  • Double-check for blockages in the hose.
  • Connect it back to the vacuum.

📌You Vacuumed Liquid

You vacuumed liquid

Most vacuum cleaners are not watertight, meaning if you try to vacuum water, the vacuum will spit it out along with other debris.

Vacuuming large amounts of water may damage the motor. Follow these steps if you accidentally vacuum liquid.


  • Immediately stop vacuuming water and unplug the vacuum.
  • Dismantle the parts on the floor.
  • Let the vacuum parts dry.
  • Assemble the vacuum back together.
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📌Battery Defects

Check your vacuum batteries’ expiration date. If you have been using your vacuum for a long time, the battery might be on the verge of dying. Before unscrewing the battery, check if the vacuum still has an active warranty period.


  • Unplug the vacuum charger and unscrew its back part.
  • Expose the wiring compartment and disconnect the wire harness clips.
  • Replace the old battery with a new one that matches the size and power of the vacuum model.

📌Bag Defective

Bag defective

Vacuum cleaners spit back if the vacuum bag is poorly fit or damaged.


  • Use tape to patch up the torn part of the bag or replace it.

You should also check if the bag or dirt-holding tank contains particulates.


  • Unplug the vacuum cleaner and open the bag compartment.
  • Gently take the bag out and empty the dirt and particulates.
  • Clean/wash it thoroughly with care.
  • Position it back in the vacuum properly.
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📌Motor Defects

Another reason for the vacuum spitting out dirt could be defects in the motor. The motor gets defective because of continuous use of the same vacuum bag for a long time or blockages in the filters. 


  • With the help of a tester, check that proper power is reaching the motor.
  • If there isn’t a power issue, you better call a technician or visit a repair shop.
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📌Defect in the Brush Roll

In most vacuum cleaners, the vacuum belt rotates the brush roll. Connect the vacuum to power and check if the brush roll is rotating. If your vacuum’s brush roll is not rotating, either the brush roll has a clog or your vacuum belt is damaged. 

There could even be a single twist in the vacuum belt of the brush roller, causing it to spin in the reverse direction, i.e., the vacuum will spit things out.


  • Dismantle the vacuum’s bottom to access the vacuum belt. 
  • Remove the brush roller and vacuum belt.
  • Next, clean lint, hair, and other sticky material from the brush roll.
  • Then, inspect the belt’s issue and replace it if it’s broken.
  • Wrap the new or repaired belt around the motor shaft.
  • At last, assemble the brush roll back into the vacuum..
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📌Wrong Plug Placement

Wrong plug placement

If the motor plug is wrong, vacuum cleaners spit collected particulates back out.


  • Unplug the vacuum and reverse the plug.
  • Now plug the vacuum back into the socket.

⚠ Note:

Reach out to the vacuum’s customer care if none of the above-mentioned solutions works.

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💡Why Is My Vacuum Spitting Stuff Back Out: FAQs

Why is my vacuum blowing out stuff?

Your vacuum is blowing stuff out, most likely because the vacuum bag is:

1. Full of dust and has no extra space to collect more dust 
2. Torn/Damaged in a few places. 

Here’s how to fix it:
1. Remove the bag, clean it, and place it back. 
2. If the machine still does not work, shift your focus to cleaning or changing the filter.

How to unclog a vacuum?

The vacuum’s hose, brush roll, and air duct get clogged easily.

To unclog a vacuum, remove the clogged part of the vacuum and push a stick, thin metal rod, or broomstick inside.

Try removing the accumulated dust, dirt, lint, and whatever else is stuck inside, causing the vacuum to clog.

How to fix a vacuum that spits out dirt?

Following are the ways to fix a vacuum that spits out dirt:

1. Clean dust and lint from the vacuum bag.
2. Clean or replace the HEPA filter.
3. Remove the accumulated clogs from the vacuum brush roller.
4. Unplug the vacuum and reverse the plugs of the electric motor and the vacuum; they may be connected wrongly.
5. If you have combination machines, check that the hose is connected to the other end (i.e., sucking).

Why is my vacuum not picking up debris?

If you do not clean your vacuum regularly, its mesh filters, dust container, brush roll, and hose may get clogged. As a result, the vacuum will stop picking up debris.

Why vacuum spits out cat litter?

This may happen due to two reasons: 

1. Cat litter is very fine and can easily clog the filter, causing the vacuum to lose its suction power. So, the machine will spit out cat litter.

2. If the canister or vacuum bag is full of dirt or damaged in a few places, the machine will not pick up cat litter and instead spit it out.

Solution – It’s best to use a broom to clean cat litter first and then vacuum the remains on the floor.

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