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Is Your Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On? (Solved)

The lights of your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator might fail to turn on when:

  • The vacuum’s brush roll is clogged
  • The parts of the machine are overheated, or
  • The switch modes or nozzles of the vacuum cleaner are misplaced.

💡Here’s what you need to do:

1. Unplug the Shark vacuum and remove the filter, hose, and dust chamber. 
2. Inspect and clean dirty buildups. 

Continue reading for five brilliant hacks to solve shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on with clever maintenance tips!  

🚥What Does The Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light On Mean? 

Shark Vacuum comes along with four different types of indicator lights:

  • Solid red 
  • Flashing red indicator light
  • Flashing headlight, and 
  • Solid green

Here are their possible causes and solutions:

🔴The Solid Red Light Indicator

The Solid Red Light Indicator

The indicator will turn red if your primary shark vacuum brush roll has blockage due to the clogging of some clingy particles like hair strands, crumbs, and threads.

To detect what’s wrong with your Shark vacuum brush roll indicator light:

  • Switch off the vacuum.
  • Turn the vacuum upside down and lift the dirt or hair buildup if you find any. 
  • Inspect and clean the mouth of the suction pipe with a narrow brush or scrubber.
  • Switch on the vacuum again and check if the solid red indicator is still on. If not, you’ve solved the problem!

⭕The Flashing Red Brush Roll Indicator Light


When the brush roll indicator starts flashing red instead of solid red light, it indicates that your Shark Vacuum is burning because of extreme congestion in the vacuum. 

The Shark Vacuum has a temperature sensor, which will abruptly switch off the vacuum if it senses any burning. Again, if your Shark Vacuum is overheating, it will sound different. 

Read our hack #1 below to troubleshoot this issue.

⚡The Flashing Headlight Indicator 

The Flashing Headlight Indicator

The headlight indicator in front of the Shark Vacuum begins to flash when it senses any electrical error. The possible causes of the error are: 

  • Its parts are clogged or
  • The wires and plug of the vacuum are damaged. 
  • The vacuum motor is damaged.

Either of these reasons will affect the internal thermostat of the Shark vacuum. You should inspect your vacuum to find the real cause and follow our hacks below.  

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🟢Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Green On

The Solid Green Brush Roll Indicator Light

The brush roll indicator light turns green when your shark vacuum is on. It implies that your device is running smoothly. Also, a blinking light indicates that the battery is running low or it is charging. 

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🧰How Do You Fix A Shark Brush Roll Indicator Light? 

Follow these hacks to fix your shark vacuum brush roll indicator light not on in record time: 

🥵Hack #1: Cool Down The Vacuum 

Cool Down The Vacuum

🔌When It Works: 

Overheating of machines is a common problem. As you might’ve guessed, this hack works when your shark device is overheated. 

You must fix it ASAP, as overheating can often lead to motor burnout and several other malfunctions. 

🤔What To Do: 

  • Switch off the vacuum cleaner and remove the plugs. 
  • Discard the waste bin of the machine by putting it on a concrete surface. 
  • Clean the vacuum bin and HEPA filter using soft bristles. 
  • Give the motor 45-60 minutes of resting time.
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😉Hack #2. Replace The Brush Roll Belt 

Replace The Brush Roll Belt

💹When It Works: 

The machine’s structure is such that the indicator light has two belts connected to the two indicator bulbs. When the belts are worn, the brush roll indicator fails to glow. The brush roll gets overheated if the drive belt of the motor brakes. 

The only way to tackle these issues is to substitute it with a new drive belt

☢What To Do: 

  • Determine which brush roll belt is damaged. 
  • Unplug the machine and put it on a flat surface so it’s easy for you to change the drive belt. 
  • Pull out the electrical connectors, brush roll cover, belt and panels. 
  • Remove the rotating brush and pull the brush roll.
  • Carefully clean the brush strands. 
  • Put the new belt on the side, which has letters inked on the top.  
  • Ensure that one belt is connected to the motor shaft and the other belt to the rotating brush. 
  • Finally, confirm that the belts of the vacuum cleaner are working correctly.

😅Hack #3. Clear Debris Inside The Brush Roll 

Clear Debris Inside The Brush Roll

🎯When It Works: 

Dusty particles accumulate inside the Shark rotator brush roll, which messes with the working of the indicator lights. Therefore, you must clean the dust to fix the light indicator. 

💀What To Do: 

  • Unplug your shark vac. 
  • Put the device on a flat surface to separate the brush roller. 
  • Carefully lift the dirt in the brush roll using soft bristles. 
  • If you see that hair strands are stuck within, cut them with the help of a razor blade or a scissor. Be very cautious about the inner wires. 
  • After the cleaning, reattach the shark vacuum brush roll and see if the indicator light works correctly. 

🧐Hack #4. Correct Power Switch Position 


👀When It Works:  

The Shark vacuums have two modes:

  • Mode I, which gets turned on when the brush roll operates on smooth hardwood floors and 
  • Mode II instructs the machine to run the Brush roll for deep carpeting. 

You can toggle between the two brush roll modes using its power switch. 

As you can see, these two power switch modes give two different instructions to the Shark vacuum brush roll. Therefore, the wrong position of the brush roll mode confuses the instructions and causes the indicator light problem. 

🙊What To Do: 

  • Ensure the switch is in the Mode-II position out of the two modes. 
  • Next, put it into the brush roll mode.
  • If the light turns on, your machine is doing fine. If not, you must scroll down to Hack #5.
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😯Hack #5. Fix Vacuum Nozzle 

Fix Vacuum Nozzle

🧐When It Works: 

Vacuum nozzles are present at the end of the vacuum hose. The nozzle is connected to the suction head. The spinning of the brush roller brings the dirt inside the vacuum bag. 

The tube connected to the vacuum bag is a power cable for the suction mode, which enables the brush roll to spin. However, this mechanism fails to work when the nozzles are not attached correctly, and the brush roll does not spin. 

For example, if you own a Shark rocket model, and any nozzle is misplaced, the powerhead brush fails to obtain power, and as a result, the brush roll does not spin. 

🤔What To Do: 

  • Place each nozzle in the correct lining and adjust them to the suction head. 
  • If the nozzle gets rightly placed, the brush roll starts spinning again in suction mode. 
  • If it doesn’t, check for dust and other debris on the nozzle head. 
  • If there’s any blockage, then clean them thoroughly. 
  • Finally, place the nozzles back in the proper position and check if the brush roll is spinning properly. 

Note: If none of these hacks help or you can’t find what’s causing the indicator light to shut off, you better seek professional help. 

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👍Helpful Tips & Tricks To Maintain Shark Vacuum 

You should regularly maintain your shark vac, so it lasts for years. In addition, following electrical safety rules will ensure no accidents during usage.

Follow our tips from the Shark manual here:  

❓When Should I Clean My Shark Vacuum Filter?

When Should I Clean My Shark Vacuum Filter
  • Loss of suction. It occurs when HEPA filters are congested with hairy or moist dirt.
  • Visible dirt is left behind in the filters after cleaning.
  • Your shark makes a strange sound; it indicates that the motor is failing or the filter is choked. 
  • Your shark emits an unpleasant odor.

🧼How Do You Clean The Inside Of A Shark Vacuum?

How Do You Clean The Inside Of A Shark Vacuum

Follow these steps to clean your Vacuum Cleaner. 

  • Pour the contents of the dust cup into the garbage bin. 
  • Examine any blockage in the airways, filters, hose, floorhead, and wand, and ensure they are clutter-free. 
  • Detach the filters. Tap off any loose dirt into the garbage bin.  
  • Cut away the strings, long hair, and debris lying in the blocked brush roll of your shark vacuum cleaner. 
  • Wash the washable parts with warm water, and wipe off the non-washable parts of the vacuums. Let it dry completely before use.

🦺 How To Maintain A Shark Vacuum Cleaner?

How To Maintain A Shark Vacuum Cleaner

Besides, here are some maintenance tips that you must follow to keep your Shark vacuum cleaner functioning properly :

  • Follow the basic electrical safety rules mentioned in the instructions booklet of Shark vacuum cleaners. 
  • Avoid using vacuums if the nozzle has a blockage. Keep it free from dust and debris that may reduce suction force.
  • Do not bring vacuum openings near your body parts or baggy clothes. 
  • Do not use the vacuum if it’s not functioning correctly. 
  • When the vacuum cleaner is plugged in, keep it moving so that delicate stuff like carpets or rugs is not damaged. Always unplug it when not in use. 
  • Avoid placing the vacuum cleaner on unstable surfaces; keep extra care when cleaning the stairs.
  • Avoid using the vac to pick up sharp-edged or large objects. Don’t add cleaning chemicals to vacuums. No liquid or water should enter the circuit board or other parts of the machine. 
  • Ensure the power cord is properly attached to the two cord hooks while storing it. 

💡Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator Light Not On FAQs  

Can you turn off the brush roll on the Shark vacuum? 

Certainly yes! You can turn off the brush roller on Shark Vacuum Cleaner. You can also shut off the front roller by going through the settings present on the handle. 

Where is the roller brush switch on the Shark vacuum? 

The roller brush switch is present on the top of the canister. Also, you must put it in power mode to see a flashing green indicator to make the device move. After that, the brush roll starts to move.

Why isn’t the green light coming on in my Shark vacuum?  

The green light may not come on your vacuum when the device is overheated. 
Here’s what you must do:

1) Switch off the machine
2) Clean the dust bag, filter, and brush roll. 
3) Let the device cool for an hour before subsequent use. 

Why is my Shark light blinking? 

The red blinking light in your vacuum indicates that the brush roll is clogged or the vacuum is overheated.

Here’s what you should do: Unclog the brush roll, and keep the device shut for 24 hrs before use. 

Why is my Shark Navigator brush roll not working? 

Your shark navigator brush roll may stop working if long hair or debris accumulates in it.

You should use scissors to cut the hair and unclog the brush roll. Then, wipe it off with a damp cloth and allow the vac to dry. 

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