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What Can I Use Instead Of A Vacuum Belt (8 Step Hack)

Wondering why your vacuum cleaner is not suctioning or why the roller brush has stopped rotating? 

Most likely, you have a broken or damaged vacuum belt. Either your belt is not spinning, or it has a tear. Without a belt, a vacuum cleaner cannot work. 

So you should immediately replace your worn-out vacuum belt with a new one. But you can make a temporary vacuum belt with duct tape at home without incurring extra costs. 

Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to make a duct tape belt for your vacuum.

🤔How Do You Make A Vacuum Belt Out Of Duct Tape?

Vacuum Belt Out of Duct Tape

Making a vacuum belt using duct tape is an easy DIY option. You can create yours within minutes using items available at home. 

👉🏻 Here’s what you need to make a temporary vacuum belt

  • Duct tape
  • Broken belt
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver

😀 How to Make a DIY Duct Tape Vacuum Belt

Continuous vacuum use for a long time decreases the tension of vacuum belts, causing them to break. Follow these steps to replace the damaged belt:

  • Unscrew the vacuum’s bottom to access the belt. 
  • Remove the brush roller and vacuum belt.
  • Next, take duct tape and measure its length with the belt, leaving an inch of extra tape.
  • Then, fold the tape equal to the belt width.
  • Wrap the new one through the brush pulley.
  • After putting it around the motor shaft, secure the belt tightly with tape.
  • At last, put the brush roll into the vacuum and assemble it.
  • Do a test to ensure the vacuum is safe to use.

A duct tape vacuum belt is a quick fix for a broken vacuum belt. It is weaker than a rubber belt. Therefore, it can snap off if you try to clean a heavy carpet. So, it is only a temporary fix.

👨🏻‍🏫How To Replace Vacuum Belt?

Steps to Replace Vacuum Belt

Before learning how to replace a vacuum belt, you should know when to replace it. 

😲 How to Know if Vacuum Belt Is Broken & Needs Replacing?

These signs could mean you need to replacement of your vacuum belt:

  • Your vacuum cleaner is making weird noises.
  • The suction power of the vacuum is less than usual.
  • The brush roller is not working or spinning.
  • There are visible cracks and tears in the vacuum belt.
  • The cleaning power of the vacuum cleaner drops to a minimum.

Below is a step-by-step guide to a vacuum belt replacement.

👉Step 1: Dismantle the vacuum’s bottom plate 

Unplug the vacuum cleaner and carefully put its topside on the floor, such as with its bottom facing up. Gently remove the vacuum’s bottom cover plate. You will see the brush and the vacuum cleaner belt.

👉Step 2: Examine the brush roller and belt

After you have access to the brush roll and vacuum belt, remember to take a picture of the placement of the roller and belt. It will ensure you can assemble the vacuum properly after replacing the belt.

👉Step 3: Take out the roller and old belt 

Take Out the Old Vacuum Belt

One end of the vacuum belt is around the brush roller, while the other loop is around the vacuum motor shaft. To remove the roller, you must slide it from the vacuum and free it from the vacuum belt’s loop. Remove the other end from the motor shaft to pull out the damaged belt.

⚠ Remember:

After removing the roller and belt, take a cloth to clean the insides of the vacuum.

👉Step 4: Change the new belt with the old one

To add the new belt, loop one end around the brush roll and the other around the motor shaft. The arrangement of the belt should be similar to the placement of the belt before removal.

👉Step 5: Carefully install the brush roller into the vacuum

Once the new belt is secured properly, you can return the brush roller to its original position. While inserting the brush roller, don’t let the vacuum belt slip out. 

👉Step 6: Screw the cover back together

After checking the placement of the components, you can put the bottom cover of the vacuum back on. Then, screw it tightly with the help of a screwdriver. With this new belt, your vacuum is as good as new. 


Give a test try to the vacuum cleaner by running the brush roller by hand to check if the belt is functioning before closing the cover.

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🤯 Why Does A Vacuum Need A Belt?

Why does a Vacuum need a belt

A vacuum cleaner needs a belt due to the following reasons:

  • The vacuum belt connects the roller brush to the motor, allowing the motor to rotate and collect debris. 
  • The vacuum’s belt spins on the roller, creating a vibrating force that helps to clean carpets and rugs.

So if you try using vacuum cleaners without a belt: 

  • You risk damaging the vacuum.
  • The suction power of your vacuum is severely affected.
  • The vacuum cannot remove dust/dirt particulates or debris, which disrupts proper cleaning.

📝Keep in mind that:

  • Checking your vacuum belt once a week is enough to know whether or not you need to replace it.
  • The golden rule for vacuum belts is to change them three or four times a year to keep your vacuum in good condition.
  • Continuous use of vacuum cleaners without a belt for a long time may disrupt the whole machine, and then you will have no other option but to buy a new vacuum.
  • Before ordering a new belt online, write down the vacuum’s model number and manufacturer’s name. It will ensure that you have the correct replacement belt made for your vacuum cleaner.
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💡What Can I Use Instead Of A Vacuum Belt FAQs

Can you vacuum without a belt?

No, you cannot vacuum without a belt. A vacuum belt helps the brush roller spin, which sucks dirt and other debris from carpets. Without a belt, no suction occurs, which reduces the vacuum’s cleaning efficiency.

Can you use electrical tape to fix a vacuum belt?

Yes, you can use electrical tape to fix a vacuum belt temporarily. Take a cylindrical container and wrap the electrical tape around it such that the sticky part of the tape is outside. Increase the thickness by wrapping the electrical tape multiple times. Now, you can replace the broken vacuum belt with the electrical tape belt.

Can you superglue a vacuum belt?

Yes, you can super glue a vacuum belt as an easy and quick way to fix a vacuum cleaner belt. You can use rubber straps (your safety goggles will come in handy here), cut them to fit the vacuum, and finally, use super glue to attach both ends. Let the super glue dry before fixing it back in the vacuum cleaner.

Can a vacuum cleaner belt be fixed?

Yes, anyone can do vacuum cleaner belt repairs at home by making DIY vacuum belts.

How to replace a vacuum belt?

To replace a vacuum belt, unscrew the bottom cover of your vacuum, take the roller out, and put one end of the motor on the spigot and the other on the brush roller. Now, set the roller back into the vacuum and close the cover.

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