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Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping? 5 Effective Solutions

It can be troublesome for your Shark vacuum to stop working. The main reason behind it is dust blockage in the cleaner. Another common reason can be that the dust canister is full or the vacuum filters require some cleaning.

In this latest troubleshooting tutorial, we will dive deep into 5 reasons why does my shark vacuum keep stopping to help you fix the issue in no time.

Let’s get started:

🔎Why Does My Shark Robot Keep Stopping? [Cheatsheet]

Reason ProblemDifficultyTroubleshooting
The main brush is clogged Stuck fur or dirt restricts the motion of the brush.Takes 10-15 minutes overall; slightly easy to fix.Deep cleaning the brush after detaching it from the vacuum.
The vacuum is stuckIf the path is hindered, the vacuum can’t move.Requires constant watching over the vacuum; easy to fix.Supervising the vacuum as it cleans to clear all obstacles from its path.
The vacuum’s roller is jammedThe matter stuck inside opposes normal movement.It can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes; mildly difficult to fix.Deep cleaning the vacuum roller; generally requires removing hair built up.
Drive Motors are worn out. Worn-out motors can’t create ample suctionIt takes at least 40 minutes; difficult to fix.Disassembling the vacuum cleaner to replace the faulty motor and reassembling back.
Vacuum sensors are dirty Vacuum does not detect dirt properly.It takes 3-5 minutes; easy to fix.Use a dry cotton cloth to clean all sensors.
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🤚The main brush is clogged

Clogging of main brush in shark vacuum

It’s been repeatedly seen that customers who faced issues with shark robot vacuum cleaners had a clogged main brush roller. If your vacuum has a clogged brush roller, it can cause your shark robot vacuum to keep stopping after every few minutes. 

In the case of the Shark ION robot vacuum, this issue is mostly accompanied by blinking of DOCK and SPOT lights and an error message. If that sounds familiar, you might want to clean the main brush of your vacuum thoroughly.

The same happened with several customers who later figured out dirt was stuck under removable caps (a yellow square tip of the main roller brush). Once they cleaned the little spots, the vacuum started working normally again. 


If the vacuum has a clogged brush roller, declogging the brush will make your vacuum cleaner work normally. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the brush from the vacuum cleaner carefully.
  • Clean the brush with a soft cloth.
  • Remove unwanted stuff stuck in every bristle and under any removable caps.
  • Attach the brush correctly and try using the vacuum.
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😫Vacuum is stuck

Shark vaccum is stuck

A common yet unexpected reason for vacuum cleaners to stop working is when their path is hindered. 

Remove obstacles from the path so it can move freely. But, the real issue is the obstacles that are not easily noticed.

Use your vacuum on a different flat surface to see if it functions properly. If it does, then it could very well be a certain part of your floor that is uneven. It is not unusual for vacuums to struggle to clean uneven surfaces.


It is not a fault in the vacuum we are trying to fix. So, to resolve the problem, you must be careful while using the vacuum cleaner.

Here’s what you need to do:

Give the vacuum a clear path, so the cleaning is done efficiently. If you can fix the uneven floor, do it without delay.

Sometimes the vacuum has difficulty moving on the correct path on dark floors. So keep your rooms well-lit while vacuuming. 

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🛑The vacuum roller is jammed

Shark vaccum Roller is Jammed

Check your vacuum roller to see if anything is stuck in it. It’s always a surprise for Shark vacuum users to discover removable caps on the vacuum’s brush roller. Fur and dirt may easily get collected inside it, stopping the vacuum. It’s more common for pet owners as pet hairs get tangled up in tight spaces.


Detach the brush roller and give it a thorough cleaning. Check every part or gear to see what is causing the roller to stop. Get rid of any dirt build-up and hair stuck inside.  

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👤Drive motors are worn out

Shark vac Drive motors are worn out

Even after thoroughly cleaning the vacuum and regularly changing the filters, if the shark robot vacuum keeps stopping; there’s a good chance that its drive motors are worn out. To be sure, try using the vacuum cleaner with properly cleaned wheels on a smooth surface.

Confirm if it is not the wheels that need to be replaced. If none of the reasons explain your problem, then go on ahead with replacing the worn-out motor(s).


To replace worn-out motors, you need to:

  • Turn off the robot and flip it over.
  • Unscrew the battery cover.
  • Carefully remove the battery.
  • Unscrew to remove the plastic lid and expose the motors.
  • Make sure you remove the connectors of the sensors.
  • Lift the worn-out motor and desolder it.
  • Use a replacement motor and assemble the shark robot vacuum back carefully.
  • Make sure you connect all the sensors back.
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💩Vacuum sensors are dirty

Dirty shark vaccum sensors

Robot vacuums use sensors to clean, but the vacuum will start acting weird when the sensors get dirty. Due of hindrance in sensing the space around it, it may keep bumping here and there. It could also just stop cleaning.


Use a dry cotton cloth to clean the sensors on the robot. Clean the sensors regularly to keep your vacuum cleaner working efficiently.

💡Pro Tip: Never use a damp cloth or any cleaner.

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👍Bonus: Low Battery of the Vacuum

Low battery of shark vacuum

As simple as it may sound, we often miss the point that the vacuum cleaner might not have enough battery to keep running. That’s why it frequently stops between cleaning.

You need to be aware of the charging level of the shark robot vacuum. Let it charge when it shows low battery power. Also, make sure that it is turned ‘ON’ when cleaning.

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😉8 Smart Tips To Maintain Shark ION Robot Vacuum

Following these simple tips will keep your Shark vacuum brush roller rolling (literally!): 

  • Clean the main brush roller after removing it from the robot vacuum. 
  • Regularly check and clean the wheels. Cleaning wheels even once a week can avoid a serious case of tangled hairs.
  • Pet owners need to take special care of the brushes. It’s recommended to clean bristles and remove any pet hair weekly. The cleaning performance drastically reduces if the rotating brush roll doesn’t move properly.
  • Never neglect any loud noise coming from the vacuum. It can be because of a broken part or a loose drive belt. It could also mean that you have incorrectly attached the main brush roller.
  • Use a dry cloth for cleaning sensors. Be gentle with the bristles while keeping the main brush roller clean; use a damp microfiber cloth if possible.
  • Always do the cleaning with the vacuum power switch turned off. It is not just for safety reasons; the vacuum can get damaged if it is cleaned with power on.
  • Always check if the filter requires cleaning when emptying the dust container. It’s common to ignore filter cleaning, resulting in unsatisfactory results.
  • To clean shark vacuum filters, remove them carefully and gently shake the dirt off. Never use water on the vacuum filter; only the base filter is washed with water. Do not place it back unless it is completely dry. Use a new filter every 3 months.
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👨‍🏫Why Does My Shark Vacuum Keep Stopping FAQs

Why is My Shark Robot Vacuum Beeping?

The main reason your shark vacuum starts beeping is when the vacuum robot is stuck or something is clogging the vacuum (it could very likely be clogged debris in the main brush roll). The beeping is a signal to grab your attention to the matter.

Why does my Shark vacuum cleaner keep shutting off?

It’s usually the low battery that makes the robot shark vac keep stopping. Therefore, you should always check that the vacuum is ‘ON’ and that the vacuum battery is charged.

How do I reset my Shark vacuum?

To reset the Shark ION robot vacuum cleaner:

1. Open the official app for the vacuum.
2. Go to settings, then the Factory Reset option.
3. Confirm and let the vacuum reset (it takes a few seconds to rest).

Why is my Shark vacuum only going in circles?

Dirty vacuum sensors could cause your vacuum to keep going in circles. If the shark vacuum cleaner incorrectly detects the dirt, it will follow the incorrect path. Also, check if the wheels of the vacuum are in good condition.

How long do Shark vacuums last?

A shark vacuum cleaner generally lasts for 5 to 7 years minimum. However, you can expect your vacuum to last for more years if you take proper care of it. 

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  1. My shark just stops after a couple of minutes of cleaning. The light says clean, but the container is only slightly full.

    What’s going on?

    1. Hey John, you should try out the methods written in the guide. A clogged main brush or vac roller is one of the main causes behind this issue.

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