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Tineco Ifloor 3 Max Light Flashing: 3 Reasons [Solved]

Do you see the light flashing in your Tineco Ifloor 3 Max? If so, you should contact customer support right away because it’s a sign that the motor is malfunctioning.

Clogs or overloading caused by different reasons could result in a motor malfunction. However, you can always do some DIYs to improve it before customer care services arrive.

So keep reading this article to know how to fix the tineco ifloor 3 max light flashing yourself or make it easy for customer support pros.

🛠 Tineco Ifloor 3 Max Red Light Blinking Troubleshooting

🚒 Reason #1: Tineco Vacuum is Overheated

Blockages or disturbances in other parts of your Tineco vacuum can cause overheating of its motor. 

Overheating the vacuum motor might result from:

  • Dirt clogging the filtration system, or 
  • Dirt build-up on the motor itself

Leaving dirty water in the water bin will negatively impact your vacuum suction power and motor efficiency. It will quickly get overheated. It can also shorten the life of your Tineco Ifloor 3 wet/dry vacuum.

If your vacuum’s air filter fills up, gets dirty, or gets clogged, it slows down how quickly air passes through it. When the filter bag is overfilled, the dirt and particles within spill out and enter the vacuum’s mechanical components overheating the motor.

⚙️How To Fix: 

  • Let the device cool down for a while. 
  • Next, remove and empty the dirty water tank. 
  • Remove the floater and the HEPA filter holder, then rinse them with running water.
  • Clean the air filter using a clean damp cloth.
  • Let the part dry thoroughly before reassembling them again. 
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🔌Reason #2: Tineco Vacuum Is Not Charged 

Like your other devices, a blinking red light may indicate that your vacuum battery needs to be charged. In rare cases, it can indicate faulty installation. If the flashing lights persist even after charging, then the charger might be faulty. 

Overheating the charger’s adapter while charging can affect your vacuum. Likewise, the Tineco ifloor won’t get charged if the vacuum cleaner gets overheated.


If the voltage is not between 100 and 240 volts (AC), your charger may not work. It will also harm the device or its charging adapter and possibly put the user at risk.

⚙️How To Fix: 

  • After allowing the machine and charger adaptor to cool, attempt to charge it again. 
  • Check if the charging adaptor is connected correctly.
  • Ensure you use only the correct charging adaptor to charge the battery.
  • Ensure that the power voltage is between AC 100 and 240 volts.

When the Tineco Ifloor is fully charged, the blue light indicator should stay lit for 10 seconds.

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❌Reason #3: Tineco Vacuum’s Brush Roll Is Blocked

Clogging of main brush in shark vacuum

When cleaning, the brush roll frequently becomes tangled with loose dirt, hair, or threads. As a result, your Tineco Ifloor 3 motor may become overheated or cease spinning due to a tangled brush roller. 

These barriers in the brush roll damage the Vaccum’s inner belt. It also restricts the free movement of air within the vacuum, leading to excessive heating.

⚙️How To Fix:

  • Pull the brush roller upward after removing the brush roller cover.
  • To get rid of hairs and dirt that have become wound around the roller, use the cleaning tool that came with your Tineco Ifloor 3 device.
  • Using the same tool, clean the water inlet and brush roller holder.
  • You must also wash the brush roller cover. 
  • Dry all the parts properly before reassembling them.


Avoid running water over the brush roller. Also, if you buy your Tineco machine from the official store, you’ll get a warranty that covers any problems with the unit for 2 years.

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💡8 Smart Tips To Maintain Tineco Ifloor 3 Max Wet Dry Vacuum

  • Never place your Tineco Ifloor 3 leaning or lying on the floor. Instead, it would be best to store the wet-dry vacuum upright; otherwise, the water and debris channel inside and into the motor.
  • Maintain your vacuum by cleaning the Dirty Storage Tank, protection float, and pre-filter after each usage.
  • To keep the brush roll clean, use regular scissors to cut through the tangled hair and lint once a week. 
  • For effective cleaning and longer runtime, replace the Brush Roll every four months.
  • Always fill the Clean Water Tank with water or a cleaning solution before cleaning, and empty the Dirty Water Tank afterward. 
  • Get the filter changed annually without fail.
  • Never use Tineco iFloor or similar upright vacuums on unsealed/unfinished flooring. 
  • Before reinstalling your brush, ensure it has had ample time to dry off in the sun to eliminate any musty odor.
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🤔Tineco Ifloor 3 Max Light Flashing FAQs

Why does Tineco ifloor 3 keep shutting off?

Your Tineco vacuum can turn off due to factors like:

1. The Roller brush, hose, or bin is clogged
2. The battery is dead or heated up
3. The filter needs to be cleaned
4. The motor is overheated
5. The power cord is damaged.

To fix this, make sure the cord isn’t frayed. Clear any clogs from the roller brush and empty the trash box when it’s full.

Why is the Tineco ifloor vacuum not spraying water?

Your Tineco ifloor vacuum is not spraying water because of issues with the vacuum tank. These problems include a lack of water in the tank, improper installation, or a clogged spray opening. 

First, check your water tank and the bottom spray opening to solve this issue. If the spray hole is blocked, you can unclog it using a tiny needle.

Why Is Tineco Ifloor 3 not picking up debris?

Problems gathering up dirt will arise with the vacuum if the gaskets are not placed properly or are dusty, and the brush roll cover and water tank are both filthy. To fix this, ensure the dirty water tank, brush roll cover, and gaskets are placed properly and empty the dirty water tank.

How to fix the Tineco ifloor 3 brush roller doesn’t spin?

Start by removing the brush roll and thoroughly clean the brush roll bearings of all hair, thread, and dirt. After cleaning the brush roll, if the vacuum cleaner brush still won’t spin while vacuuming, consider replacing the brush roll.

Why I’m getting a bad smell from Tineco Ifloor 3?

The reasons for the bad smell from Tineco Ifloor 3 vacuum include the following:

a. The dirty storage tank, brush roller, and motor are not kept clean
b. If the vacuum cleaner contains pet pee or excess dust, scents might escape. 
c. The vacuum belt can get burned and smelly if the roller head or beater brush gets trapped in dust and debris. 

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