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Why Is My Tineco Ifloor 2 Not Spraying Water? (Fixed)

If your Tineco ifloor 2 is not spraying water, we are here for you😉! Here’re the possible reasons for the malfunctioning. 

  • Blocked spray pump 
  • Clogged spray hole 
  • Empty or improperly installed Clean Water Tank 
  • The product was not used for a while

First, you must run a self-cleaning cycle of the machine and clear the blockage in the spray pump using an appropriate cleaning solution.

Keep reading for a detailed troubleshooting tutorial of your Tineco ifloor not spraying water.😊

🤔How To Fix Tineco Not Spraying Water? (Ifloor 2)

CWT is not 1/3rd full Refill CWT with clean water
Blockage in the spray nozzle/headClean the spraying chamber 
CWT not correctly installed Install CWT correctly and run the self-cleaning cycle
Ifloor 2 is underused/ abandonedIfloor 2 is underused/ abandoned
Missing or low batteryFix by charging

1️⃣Reason #1: CWT Is Not 1/3rd

Tineco ifloor vacuum cleaner comes with two water tanks. One clean water tank and one dirty water tank. 

You may call this a silly mistake, but often, we forget to keep the clean water tank of our Tineco ifloor one-third. But don’t worry; it will be a breeze to solve it!

👉How To Fix: 

  • Remove the clean water tank of the Tineco ifloor. 
  • Check the water level in the clean water tank. It should be a minimum of one-third, or ideally touching the max line.
  • Fill the Clean Water Tank with clean water till the max line. Run a test cycle. 


You may drain whatever water was left in your clean water tank and fill it with tap water or pure distilled water. Also, run a super easy self-cleaning cycle for the dirty water container.

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2️⃣Reason #2: Blockage in the Spray Pump

If you haven’t used your spray pump for a while, the spray pores may be blocked with built-up. Also, the Tineco ifloor vacuum cleaner won’t spray water if its brush roller is tangled with hair. 

You must wash the brush roller cover and clean the water inlet with the brush roller. 

👉How To Fix: 

  • Turn off your Tineco Vacuum Cleaner. 
  • Detach the roller brush from the vacuum head. Wash the brush roller cover
  • Use a brush and a damp cloth to clean the debris channel of the roller brush. 
  • Unclog the spray hole carefully with a pointed tool (fine needle). Use a damp cloth to clean the other parts.
  • Reassemble the brush roller and start your Tineco vacuum cleaner to run a test cycle. 


Never use foamy detergent or any other third-party cleaning solution to prevent blockage in the sprayer, as it’ll void your Tineco warranty

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3️⃣Reason #3: CWT Not Correctly Installed

Again, a very basic yet critical issue. Sometimes the clean water tank might get misplaced without your notice. 

Besides, the brush roll cover must be properly positioned for the vacuum cleaner to spray water. Let’s ensure the vacuum cleaner is installed correctly. 

👉How To Fix: 

  • Switch off your Tineco ifloor vacuum cleaner. 
  • Detach the clean water tank. 
  • Empty it, and refill it with clean water once again. The water level should be between one-third and the maximum line.
  • Reinstall the clean water tank at its proper position. Keep the brush roll cover in place. 
  • Run a test cycle to see if things are fixed.


Make sure your vacuum roller brush is not clogged with hair and debris. If so, consider cleaning it right away. 

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4️⃣Reason #4: Ifloor 2 Was Abandoned Temporarily

If you went on a vacation for 1-2 months, you might see the Tineco ifloor not spraying water. First, fully charge your vacuum with the charging adaptor. Then, it’s time to reset the spray! 

👉How To Fix: 

  • Switch off the Tineco ifloor vacuum.
  • Prepare the spray pump by holding the spot button for 30 seconds, then release it. 
  • Switch ON on your Tineco ifloor, and press the Spot button to ensure the problem is solved.


If none of the above steps helped you fix your Tineco ifloor not spraying water, it’s time to contact Tineco to avail of their 2-year warranty support. 

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💡Tineco Ifloor 2 Not Spraying Water: FAQs

Why isn’t my Tineco spraying water?

Tineco ifloor is not commonly spraying water because the Clean Water Tank is not 1/3rd full or positioned incorrectly. Or, the brush roll could be clogged with hair, dry debris, or loose dirt. Other reasons include a  jammed spray pump or clogged spray hole of a Tineco ifloor. 

Run a self-cleaning cycle and rinse the blockage using a designated cleaning agent.

Can you use a Tineco Ifloor without water?

Tineco ifloor can be used as a dry vacuum. However, this is not advisable. 

Firstly, there is a hell-and-heaven difference between dry vacuuming and wet vacuuming. Wet-vacuuming absorbs maximum dust and traps it in the dirty water tank, preventing the dust from returning to the room air.

Secondly, dry vacuuming can harm your Tineco ifloor vacuum cleaner. 

How do I start my Tineco self-cleaning cycle?

The Tineco vacuum floor washer takes approximately 40 seconds to finish its entire self-cleaning cycle. 

1. Plug in the floor washer and carefully place it on the storage tray of the vacuum. 
2. Fill the dirty water tank of the device. 
3. Add water until the Clean Water Tank of the Tineco ifloor vacuum is at least 1/3 full. 
4. Turn on the self-cleaning mode button to rotate the floor washer and clean the dirty water tank. 
5. After cleaning the dirty water tank, the floor washer will turn off, leaving your Tineco vacuum ready to use. 

What floor cleaner can be used with Tineco?

Use Tineco’s floor cleaner instead of other floor cleaners. You might try the Bona cleaning solution as a stand-in cleaning solution to try the other floor cleaner. 

But, you must cautiously proceed when using any other cleaning solution because it will not give you the certainty as the Tineco cleaner.

How long is the Tineco warranty?

Tineco ifloor would grant a 2-year limited product warranty if you did not use your device commercially. Likewise, a 1-year warranty applies for any mechanical gadgets and batteries bought separately. 

Ensure you buy your Tineco ifloor vacuum from a reputable store with a valid receipt and warranty card.

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