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3 Best Vacuum For Husky Hair [They Suck Like Magic!]

Siberian Huskies are great, but their year-round shedding makes cleaning a hassle, so having a vacuum is necessary!

After researching for 3 weeks, we’ve handpicked the three best vacuums for husky hair in 2024. These vacuums offer great suction to remove husky fur effortlessly!

So to embrace a fur-free life, keep reading!

🔍Best Vacuum Cleaner For Huskies: Smart Preview

  • Tineco Pure ONE S15

    tineco pure one s15
    • Suction Power: Great
    • Battery Life: Below average
    • Easy to use: Great
    • Husky Hair Removal: Excellent
    • Warranty: 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Eufy Homevac S11 Infinity

    Eufy Homevac S11 (1)
    • Suction Power: Excellent
    • Battery Life: Average
    • Easy to use: Good
    • Husky Hair Removal: Excellent
    • Warranty: 2-year warranty for original defects
  • Roborock Q5+

    Roborock Q5+
    • Suction Power: Great
    • Battery Life: Great
    • Easy to use: Excellent
    • Husky Hair Removal: Great
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects
How We Test Vacuums At Clean Homies

📝Siberian Husky Shedding Vacuum: Detailed Reviews

BasisTineco Pure ONE S15Eufy Homevac S11 InfinityRoborock Q5+
Husky hair removalExcellentGreatExcellent
Suction PowerGreatGoodExcellent
Ease of use GreatGoodGreat
Battery LifeBelow averageAverageGood

1️⃣Best Cordless Vacuum For Husky Hair: Tineco Pure ONE S15

#1 Tineco Pure ONE S15
tineco pure one s15


  • Great suction
  • Zero tangle technology
  • Good filtration
  • Detachable battery
  • LED display


  • Can not pick up large-size debris
  • Larger debris makes it prone to clogging
  • Below-average battery life

Why Pick #1? Tineco has been in the market for vacuum cleaners for years and offers a great range of vacs. The Pure One S15 caught our eye, so we tested it for its fur-cleaning capabilities.

tineco s15 roller brush (1)

The vacuum stands up to its reputation as an excellent choice for stubborn pet hair. The brush roller has little comb-like projections (S15’s Zero Tangle Technology) that minimize tangles.

Stubborn Husky Hair

It worked brilliantly in our testing. This is really good for removing stubborn husky hair and reduces maintenance tasks.

The vacuum has a nice LED all-in-one display showing the battery level, WiFi status, Mode, Power indicator, and brush roller tangle status (yeah, even that). 

  • Suction Power: The vacuum has great suction power for a cordless vacuum cleaner. In our testing, we found its suction and airflow to be well above average.

    It can do efficient cleaning on hard floors (like hardwood floors).
  • Ease Of Use: The vacuum is lightweight and cordless, offering nice maneuverability.

    You can carry it around easily, and the small yet useful base with it is freestanding, so there’s no need for drilling or latching. This makes it very easy to install and clean.

    The maintenance is easy as there are minimal tangles, thanks to its V-shaped bristles and dual-comb design. However, having so many accessories will require extra time to clean.
  • Battery Life And Add-on Features: The S15 has a slightly below-average battery life, but the battery is detachable.

    Replacing the battery to increase run time is definitely an option. In addition, the vacuum has a 5-stage filtration system that minimizes dust being released back into the air (because of having a HEPA filter).
  • The pre-filter captures the larger-sized debris, which elongates the life of other filter layers.
  • The mesh filter is there to help with pet hair. Mesh filters prevent hair from clogging the fine-tuned filters, like HEPA filter.
  • The HEPA filter prevents the dust from being released back into the air.

    It uses PureCyclone Technology to separate air and dust during suction. This increases the life span of filters as well as keeps the suction power optimal for longer.

The vacuum comes with several useful attachments that increase the range of tasks it can perform. For example, the motorized brush with the higher model of S15 is very useful and easy to maneuver for better cleaning.

Also, its dirt sensor technology allows it to adjust the power needed for automatic cleaning.

2️⃣Best Budget Vacuum For Husky Hair: Eufy Homevac S11 Infini

#2 Eufy Homevac S11 Infini
Eufy Homevac S11 (1)


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy maintenance
  • Useful attachments


  • Large-size debris can clog it
  • Only deep cleans thoroughly in high power mode, which drains too much battery

Why Pick #2? The Eufy Homevac S11 Infinity vacuum cleaner is like a bigger and bulkier version of the popular Eufy H11. It performed really well in vacuuming husky hair during our testing.

The vacuum has many useful attachments, including the soft brush roll, extra detachable battery, mini motorized cleaning head, and crevice tool.

Eufy Homevac S11 roller brush

Affordable Option!

The vacuum is affordable compared to upright vacuums and works well in removing husky hair.

  • Suction Power: With a 120AW suction power, the vacuum has got some power backing it up! With its Maximum power mode, you can deep clean carpets and remove all the dog hair, but at the cost of heavy battery draining.
  • Ease Of Use: The vacuum is lightweight and has LED lights to clean tight spaces and dark areas easily. It comes with a greeting mounting option to the wall, which is easy to install and compact. The mount can hold the vacuum as well as its attachments! Maintenance is easy because of the vacuum cleaner’s convenient design features. It’s easy to get the filter cleaned, bin emptied, and remove tangled hair. However, the filters need a replacement after 6 months of use.
  • Battery Life And Add-on Features: The S11 offers good battery life, and the battery is detachable. The S11 Infinity vacuum cleaner package also has an extra detachable battery and a soft brush roll. You get 8 mins in Max mode, 25 mins in mid-mode and 40 mins in low mode. In addition, the mini motorized cleaning vacuum head can be used to clean couches and beds.

3️⃣Best Robot Vacuum For Husky Hair: Roborock Q5+

#3 Roborock Q5+
Roborock Q5+


  • LiDAR navigation
  • Multi-floor 3D mapping
  • Self-emptying dock
  • App integration
  • 2.5L dock bin capacity


  • Expensive
  • Easy but can be time-consuming to set up
  • Not best for cleaning high pile carpets

Why Pick #3? The Roborock Q5+ is the only robot vacuum cleaner on this list. The vacuum has a great run time of up to 180 mins, has a self-emptying dock, and, most importantly, handles husky hair like a champ.

Roborock Q5+

Roborock Q5+ Highlight!

Surprisingly, this powerful vacuum cleaner operates quietly, so it does not cause much disturbance while running.

  • Suction Power: The vacuum offers powerful suction for a robot vacuum cleaner. It can easily pick up husky hair and debris and gets minimal tangles. In max power mode, it can operate at a high suction power of 2700 Pa, which is good enough to remove husky hair from low-pile carpets and medium-pile carpets.
  • Ease Of Use: The vacuum is pretty easy to set up. The mapping system is great and can be done in one go. In addition, you can map multiple floors at the same time. It has a Self-emptying dock with 2.5 L capacity, which lasts several weeks; hence makes maintenance easy.
  • Battery Life And Add-on Features: The Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum offers great battery life. After a full charge, you will hardly need to charge it again for a cleaning run of an entire house.

It offers plenty of useful add-on features, including:

  • Multi-floor 3D mapping
  • LiDar navigation system
  • App integration
  • Floating main brush
  • Setting up no-go zones, and a 
  • Vacuum run schedule.
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🤔What Should I Look For in a Vacuum for Husky Hair?

Factors in choosing Vacuum picks for Husky Hair

We considered the following factors in choosing our 3 top vacuum picks for husky’s hair, and you should too: 

👉Vacuum Type

Stick vacuums can be preferable to clean husky hair, though buy one with good power, as stick vacuums lack it. An upright pet vacuum cleaner can be a better option if you want better suction power, but it is heavier.

Similarly, robotic vacuum cleaners can be a great choice if you have little time. It minimizes input from your side, and you can schedule vacuum runs. Again, we recommend checking the Roborock Q5+ robot vacuum among other robot vacuums, which performed great in our testing.


If you have a lot of carpets, an upright vacuum cleaner should interest you as it can have sufficient power to pull all the dirt and debris stuck deep in the carpets. Mind you, cleaning husky hair from carpets requires more suction power.

A canister vacuum sits somewhere in between and can suit your needs if you need good power and manoeuvrability to clean hard-to-reach areas. However, it is heavier than a stick vacuum.

We would not recommend a handheld vacuum cleaner because it lacks power.

🪠Suction Power

Huskies shed a lot, and a good vacuum cleaner that can pick up the hair in one go is always preferred. Therefore, we suggest a vacuum with at atleast 200 air watts of suction power for cleaning husky hair.

Along with suction power, also look for a vacuum that gets very less tangles, as you will have to spend a lot of time in maintenance if hair gets tangled often. 

🔦Lightweight to Use

Lightweight Vacuum

A good vacuum for husky hair should be lightweight so that you can carry it around easily and even clean higher surfaces like sofas and beds. 

Also, a lightweight vacuum is easy to store and carry up and down the stairs making it easier to cope with the shedding.

➕Added Accessories

Extra accessories are always welcomed with a vacuum cleaner as they increase its range of use. Some specific accessories that come in handy for cleaning husky hair are:

  • Motorized brushes
  • Crevice tools, and 
  • Pet grooming tools.

🔋Noise Level And Battery Life

Siberian Huskies have sensitive hearing, and loud noise can irritate or scare them.

So always opt for quiet vacuums. A heavy motor vacuum generally operates at a higher noise level. However, the vacuums in our list do not operate with very loud noises, so you can consider buying them along with other options. 

As for the battery life of the vacuum:

If your house is big and you do not want to charge the vacuum before you have completed your vacuum run, avoid weaker battery life vacuums.

The vacuums in our list either have a bigger battery life or have detachable batteries, so you can replace them and continue your vacuum run.

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🐶How Do I Keep My Husky Hair Under Control?

Methods to reduce Husky hair and keep it under control

To reduce husky hair and keep it under control, you can adopt these methods:

  • Use a dog grooming attachment with your vacuum cleaner to remove excess fur without pulling any hair. However, never use normal attachments, as they can harm your dog. Never pull out any unshed hair (use a low-power mode). You can do vacuum grooming once or twice a month, depending on the thickness of the fur. 
  • Regularly brushing your husky’s fur helps it maintain a nice thick coat and causes less shedding. Also, collect hair shedding in one place to avoid hair spreading throughout the house. 
  • Adopt a good bathing routine to help the husky maintain a healthy coat. In addition, you can use a dog shampoo appropriate for a husky’s coat for better results.
  • Provide a healthy diet to your husky, and don’t feed all your fried snacks. The healthier a husky’s digestion is, the better coat it has, and this can potentially reduce shedding hair.
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💡Best Vacuum For Husky Hair: FAQs

Can you vacuum a husky?

Yes, you can vacuum husky hair, but only if your vacuum can run on a lower power mode. Avoid it in case your husky is too small. Also, use dog grooming attachments provided with the vacuum.

Why do huskies shed hair?

It’s natural for huskies to shed hair to cope with the heat, as they can only sweat through their paws. So excess hair on the skin can make them uncomfortable.

How often should I vacuum with a Siberian husky?

You should vacuum a Siberian Husky atleast once per week. Make it 2 for warm weather, as huskies shed more that time. If you have a low-power vacuum cleaner or your vacuum is only capable of regular quick cleaning, you can vacuum 3 times a week.

How often do you need to wash a Husky?

You must wash a husky once in 3-4 months as its skin type and natural fur coat keep its inner skin hygienic. Instead, opt for weekly brushing to remove excess hair.

Why is my Husky shedding so much?

Huskies shed a lot of hair, but if the shedding is abnormal, it can be due to:

1. Poor diet
2. Stress and anxiety
3. Allergies
4. Medication
5. Pregnancy
6. Dehydration.

You should consult with an experienced vet to diagnose and treat your husky friend for its excess shedding.

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