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Is Your Vacuum Making Loud Noise And Vibrating? [Solved]

Here’s why your vacuum is suddenly making a loud noise and vibrating:

  • Tangled debris clogs around the vacuum’s brush roll
  • Vacuum bag fills up with dust
  • Frequent clogs in the internal filter of the vacuum

Here is how to fix them:

  • Access the rolling brush and remove the tangled debris.
  • Remove and clean the vacuum bag.
  • Wash the filter and let it dry before reinstalling it.

Continue reading to learn about detailed reasons and solutions for the vibrating vacuum and loud noise level.

👉Why Is My Vacuum So Loud and Vibrating? [Solved]

Clogged Brush RollRemove the brush roll cover plate and untangle the clogged debris, lint, and hair.
Misplaced PartsRemove, adjust, align, and place the vacuum’s parts back or buy new replacements if broken.
Wrong Height SettingAdjust the height of the vacuum cleaner as per the type of floor or carpet.
Clogged Internal Air PassagesUsing a thin wire, remove the debris clogging the internal air passages and fix the cracks or holes using tape, if any.
Clogged or Damaged HoseInspect the hose and push the clog using a broom or thin, flexible object.
Clogged CyclonesDisassemble the vac and clean the cyclones.
Clogged Internal FiltersUnbolt the vac and carefully clean the internal filters with a microfibre cloth or cotton swab.
Bag or Dirt Cup is FullEmpty and clean the vacuum bag or dirt cup.
Fault with Wheels and BearingsFix the wheels and replace them if damaged. Add oil to the bearings frequently.
Motor and Fan issuesConsult a technician or contact customer support.


The above reasons are for all kinds of vacuums making excessive noise and vibrating: manual or robot.

🪥Clogged Brush Roll

Clogged brush roll


If your vacuum’s brush roll is clogged with debris, it will stop rotating and may lead to cracks in the belt. 


  • Unplug the vacuum and remove the cover plate.
  • Using pliers or scissors, untangle the clogged debris, lint, and hair.

🔌Parts Not in Place


If the vacuum’s parts are wrongly installed or not aligned in place, then the vacuum makes a loud noise and starts to vibrate.


  • Remove and empty the dirt cup. Place it back in the vacuum.
  • Check other parts, set them, and place them back in the vacuum.
  • Adjust the hose attachment if loose.
  • You may buy new replacements if broken.

📏Wrong Height Setting

Wrong height setting


The incorrect height setting of the vacuum cleaner may cause excessive vibrations.


  • Adjust the height of the vacuum cleaner as per the type of floor or carpet.
  • When cleaning hard floors, turn off the brush roll.

🌬️Clogged Internal Air Passages


Upright vacuum cleaners have a short length of hose that may get clogged easily, so clean the hose regularly to clear the internal air passages.


  • Take a thin wire, rod or hanger.
  • Then, push it through the hose to remove the debris clogging the internal air passages.
  • At last, fix the cracks or holes using tape, if any.
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⚠️Clogged or Damaged Hose

Clogged or damaged hose


The vacuum will have a high noise level if the hose has clogs or damage (holes or scratches).


  • Remove the hose from the vacuum and inspect the clog or damage.
  • Push the clog using a broom or a thin, flexible object.
  • Follow it a few times by twisting and turning the cleaning tool.

🌪️Clogged Cyclones


The vac models with small cyclones are prone to clogs when used for a long time.


  • Disassemble the vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean the cyclones with care.
  • To avoid damaging the machine, consult a professional.

🪠Internal Filters Clogged

Internal filters clogged


When the internal filters get clogged, it becomes hard for the machine to suck, creating a loud noise and vibration.


  • Remove the internal filters.
  • Carefully clean the filters with a microfibre cloth or cotton swab.
  • Rinse them with lukewarm water.
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☕Bag or Dirt Cup is Full


When the vacuum bag or dirt cup is full, the motor works harder, causing vibrations and noise.


  • Empty and clean the vacuum bag or dirt cup.
  • If the bag is damaged, replace it with a new one.

🛞Fault with Wheels and Bearings

Fault with wheels and bearing


Worn-out wheels and bearings may cause trouble with the peaceful vacuum cleaning.


  • Fix the wheels’ alignment and replace them if damaged.
  • Finally, add oil to the bearings frequently.

🍃Motor and Fan Issues


When a fan or vacuum motor has any issue, the dirt collected by the motor may fall on the fan, causing damage.


  • Consult a technician in the repair shop or contact customer support.

🤔Things to Keep in Mind

Things to keep in mind
  • If you fail to detect the blockage, drop a coin in the hose and wands. Unclog the part where the coin gets stuck.
  • Do not remove the filter placed inside the bin. Clean it regularly with a microfibre cloth or fingers.
  • Bend the ends of the sharp cleaning tool in a loop when pushing the debris out of the hose to avoid puncturing it.

💡Vacuum Making Loud Noise and Vibrating: FAQs

Why does my vacuum sound like a jet engine?

When the pipe before the vacuum motor gets clogged, the bypass valve opens up, creating a sharp noise like a jet engine.

To fix this issue, inspect and remove the clog through the air path’s end till the motor.

Why is the vacuum loud after changing the belt?

The vacuum is loud after changing the belt because the vacuum belt tears down or gets damaged after a few uses and demands replacement.

If the beater gets stuck anywhere, the motor in the vacuum continues to work, creating friction against the vacuum belt.

Why is my vacuum making a high-pitched noise?

Your vacuum is making a high-pitched noise because of any of these major reasons:
1. Clogged filters, hose, brush roll, and bag.
2. Damage to the motor because of the clogged filters.

Fix these issues:

1. Clear the clogged filters or replace them.
2. Clean the vacuum bag, hose, and brush roll regularly.
3. Fix the motor or take it to the repair shop.

Why is my Hoover making a weird sound?

Your Hoover makes a weird noise because of the suction relief valve, which opens up when there is a blockage or misalignment in any of the vacuum cleaner’s parts.

Here is the step-wise fix:

1. Drop a coin in the hose and wand to detect the clogged region.
2. Using a thin wire or metal hanger, push the clog out.
3. Reassemble the parts to fix the alignment.

Why does my vacuum cleaner smell like it’s burning?

Your vacuum cleaner smells like it’s burning because the belt either tore down or lost its elasticity because of long usage, such that the roller doesn’t rotate and the motor heats the belt. 

To solve this issue, replace the vacuum belt with a new one.

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