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How To Protect Wood Floors From Dog Urine? (7 Best Ways)

Do not expect wooden flooring to be moisture-resistant, like vinyl or water-resistant laminate flooring. After all, it’s wood, and any form of water will soften it. 

If the hardwood flooring has soaked pet urine, it will rot. In addition, pet urine has a slightly acidic pH which will leave a stubborn stain on your wooden floor, extremely difficult to erase. 

Here’s how to protect wood floors from dog urine: Use Polyurethane sealants, rug pads, or dog diapers.

Continue reading for detailed solutions!

🐕How to Protect Wood Floors From Dog Urine?

MethodsHow It Protects
Polyurethane sealantsAct as a defensive barrier
Rug padWaterproof barrier 
Dog diapersProtect leakage
Penetrating oilMake wood floor moisture resistant
Enzyme cleanersBreak urine protein to fight odor
Training dogsTrains them to defecate at a fixed spot
A mix of vinegar, citrus & dish soapRepels dogs 

🏠Method #1 Polyurethane Sealants

You can secure your hardwood floor using floor sealants. Waterproof sealants prevent urine from contacting the hardwood floors directly, saving them from rotting.

How Does the Method Protect?

Wood is a porous material. A nonporous polyurethane sealant acts as a defensive barrier against pet urine stains. The sealants are poreless and do not absorb the feces or urine nor pass it to the wood underneath. 

The method might need recoating after wear and tear.

How to Use It?

  • Hire professionals to apply a sealant to your wood flooring every 7 to 10 years.
  • Choose a nonporous sealant that is waterproof.  
  • Clean and maintain the sealant regularly. 

🔶Method #2 Rug Pad

This is a must for pet owners! Waterproof Area Rugs can prevent maximum water from seeping through the hardwood floor. In addition, these pet-friendly flooring materials save your wooden floors from pet urine stains and pet nail scratches.

How Does the Method Protect?

  • A waterproof rug pad acts as a barrier between dog urine and the wood floor to prevent scratches. 
  • Area rug stops dog or cat urine from penetrating the wooden floor preventing hard stains. 
  • It also reduces cleaning time and effort. 

How to Use It?

  • Purchase a waterproof rug pad that is comfortable, safe for the pet and flooring, has a strong grip, and is durable.
  • Spread the rug pad on the wood floor frequently used by the pet.  
  • Routinely clean and maintain the area rug pad to prevent mold growth.
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🐶Method #3 Dog Diapers

Dog diapers can be very useful for dog owners. Just like a baby diaper protects leakage from your baby, a dog diaper protects your hardwood floors from pet urine and potty.

How Does the Method Protect?

  • Dog diapers come in different sizes to fit your pet comfortably. 
  • They can be worn by pets,  especially the young ones who pee around for a full day. 

How to Use It?

  • Purchase dog diapers that fit your dog comfortably.  
  • Keep changing the diaper regularly for your pet’s health. 
  • Use enzyme cleaners to clean odors from wood floors. 
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🧴Method #4 Penetrating Oil

If you want to increase the strength of your hardwood floor and make it naturally polished, you must use penetrating oil treatment.  

How Does the Method Protect?

  • Penetrating oils seep through several layers of wood. It reduces pores that soak pet urine and get stained. 
  • The wood floor becomes naturally shiny, scratch-proof, and moisture-resistant. 

How to Use It?

  • Sweep or vacuum the floor to remove maximum dirt. 
  • Use a microfiber roller or brush to apply the oil evenly on the floor surface.
  • Let it dry completely before applying a second coat. 
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🧽Method #5 Enzyme Cleaners

Grab an enzyme cleaner if you’re a pet owner with hardwood flooring at your home! Enzyme cleaners can help you eliminate the unpleasant smell of dog urine, protecting hardwood floors from further contamination and stain. 

How Does the Method Protect?

The odor of dog urine and potty convinces pets to use that area as their toilet. However, the special enzymes break down the urine protein, thus fighting the odor. As a result, your pet does not get attracted to the same spot to defecate again. 

How to Use It?

  • Wipe the dog’s urine using paper towels. 
  • Pour a few drops of enzyme cleaner on the wood floor and spread it evenly.
  • Blot with a dry paper towel. 
  • Repeat the process if the smell persists.
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🐕‍🦺Method #6 Training Dogs

You can train your dog to pass urine or potty in a designated indoor space instead of the wood floor. The method involves crate training, potty pads, paper training, and deciding on a specific outdoor space for defecating your dog.

How Does the Method Protect?

Over time, trained dogs develop the habit of urinating in designated areas.

How to Use It?

  • Purchase a large-size crate or potty pad for your dog so that it can use it to urinate or poop freely inside the house. 
  • Fix a housetraining schedule. Take the pet out for frequent potty breaks during the following: 
  • Early morning
  • Night
  • After playing indoors
  • After a meal or drinking
  • After a nap
  • After playing and chewing a toy or bone. 
  • Be watchful and understand your puppy’s body language to get a hint of his urge to urinate or defecate. 
  • Make sure a vet approves your pet’s diet. A poor diet will only make it worse for your hardwood floors. 
  • On catching your dog in a squat position, grab him and run outdoors. Ask him to pee there.
  • Remember to praise your furry friends whenever they do the right thing.
  • Accidents happen, but regularity is the key. Don’t give up, and your efforts will be rewarded. 
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🍋Method #7 Mix Vinegar, Citrus & Dish Soap

You can use acidic mixtures of vinegar, citrus, or dish soap that deter a dog from causing urine damage on the hardwood floors. 

How Does the Method Protect?

Dogs hate citrus, and vinegar smells in general. The smell will deter the dog from peeing inside and marking the hardwood floor. 

How to Use It?

  • Mix some citrus, vinegar, and dish soap in a spray bottle. 
  • Spray the solution on the floor areas the dog may be marking.
  • Do clean the floor regularly.
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🐩How to Clean Wood Floors From Accidental Dog Urine?

Despite your best efforts, your Tommy can accidentally urinate on your favorite hard floors. Follow the steps below to clean hardwood flooring having pet’s urine immediately: 

  • First, wear gloves to protect your hands from the dog’s urine. 
  • Next, press the towel on the floor area to soak the urine. 
  • Next, dump the paper towels that have soaked urine at a place where you expect your dog to pee again.  
  • Next, pour some suitable enzyme cleaner on the affected area and let it rest for a few minutes. 
  • Finally, use fresh paper towels to blot and dry.  
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  • If the pungent odor persists, sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. 
  • Add one cup of vinegar to one cup of water and pour evenly on the soiled region.
  • Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes, and blot it with paper towels.
  • Follow with vacuuming. 


You may also soak a towel in hydrogen peroxide to wipe the area, but only if it suits your hardwood floors. Remember, hydrogen peroxide is a strong chemical that can harm hardwood floors, unlike baking soda. 

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🧑‍🏫How to Protect Wood Floors From Dog Urine FAQs

Does dog pee ruin hardwood floors?

Yes, hardwood floors are vulnerable to damage from chemical compounds in dog urine. Since dog pee is slightly acidic, it may damage the floor finish, especially if the urine dries. In addition, it may leave stubborn stains on the surface, form a dull cast, and cause discoloration.

How to protect hardwood floors from dog urine?

To protect hardwood floors from dog urine, you can follow these pet-proofing ideas: 

1. Lay waterproof rug pads
2. Applying Penetrating oil to wooden floors
3. Apply Hardwood floor sealants

Will vinegar stop dogs from peeing in the same spot?

Yes, the vinegar smell is one of the trusted preventive measures to stop dogs from peeing in the same spot. Dogs hate the strong acidic smell of the common household cleaner. It will also eliminate the nasty odor if your furry friend has already peed on the hardwood floor.

What is the best flooring for dogs who pee?

Vinyl is the best floor finish for dogs who pee due to its high level of liquid resistance and simple maintenance. Additionally, dogs feel at ease or take a walk on vinyl since it is soft underfoot and provides a comfy surface.

What essential oils repel dogs from peeing?

Dogs dislike the smell of peppermint, lemon, and lavender. Therefore, you can use these essential oils in those places on floors where you don’t want urine stains.

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