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How Do People With No Arms Wipe Their Bum? (3 Surprising Ways)

Wondering how do people with no arms wipe their bum? 

Professional occupational therapists provide devices that help people without limbs manage personal hygiene. A specially-abled person without limbs can invest in bidets with prosthetic limbs to adapt to personal hygiene. 

After inquiring with several health experts and nurses, I’ve found a detailed guide on how people without limbs can manage personal hygiene.

Continue reading to help someone who recently lost their arms or feel grateful about how some of our “specially abled” friends deal with the most basic activity.

👌3 Ways How People With No Arms Go to the Bathroom

Point of Difference Occupational Therapy Bidet Toilet Trained Caregivers
Ease of useConvenientAverageExcellent
Cost of the method used $42-$213$300-$600$12000 – $60000

1️⃣ Occupational Therapy 

What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy aims to help people with no arms or limbs live with ease and dignity. A person who lost his limbs due to a medical issue or an accident can always take help from occupational therapists to accommodate personal hygiene.

They help you overcome your limitations by recommending exercises and activities. 

How common is it? 

The adoption of occupational therapists will increase at a rate of 16% between 2020 to 2030.

Occupational therapy is sought by many patients who have suffered stress disorders or physical illnesses like paralysis or brain stroke due to which they lost their limbs function. 

How to hire an occupational therapist: 

  • Start by enquiring in your local network. Reach some professional members of AOTA or AHSA to know if they know any occupational therapist aspirants. 
  • You may also sign and advertise a “wanted help” at trafficked sites to draw interested job seekers and a care team.
  • If you’re invited to a conference involving occupational therapists, attend it to find a potential candidate for yourself. 
  • If none of the above steps are suitable, you can hire an occupational therapist online. However, you must check the validity of their license and CPR cards.
  • Besides, you can always post your requirements online to attract interested candidates. Remember to verify their qualifications, documents, etc., before hiring them. 

How occupational therapy is beneficial: 

Occupational therapy can significantly help your personal and professional life because:

  • Occupational therapists also incorporate strength, flexibility, and mobility exercises to keep you fit physically and mentally. 
  • Occupational therapists make you use your limbs without straining or stressing them. 
  • They teach you techniques for performing basic motor tasks, including personal hygiene. 
  • The therapists make you use your entire body parts, saving you from a complete bed rest lifestyle.
  • The tools and devices provided by therapists assist your movement easier. 
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 2️⃣ Bidet Toilet

What are bidets?

Bidets are modish basins that are mainly designed to clean your privy parts. They are more like a replacement for toilet paper.

Someone particular about hygiene should consider installing a bidet suitable for their washroom. There are many shapes and sizes of wall-mounted bidets, like free-standing or floor-standing ones.

How are bidet toilets different from common toilets?

Both toilets and bidets are bathroom fixtures, but they are fundamentally different. Toilets are for carrying your waste to the sewage. However, bidets are like a sink that cleans your genitals after defecating. 

How can an armless person use a bidet toilet?

Bidets can clean your genitals without the use of hands. Here’s how to use them:  

  • Firstly, use the toilet. The basic use of bidets is to clean off your perineal areas after your toilet use. 
  • Locate the bidet. It can be attached to the commode itself or as a sink next to it. 
  • Then sit facing the water controls or away from it, depending on the area you want to clean. Most are automatic, so you don’t have to press any button or switch. The water will automatically wash your genitals. 
  • Once done, rinse off the bidet yourself or with someone’s assistance.  

How helpful is a bidet toilet?

  • Bidet toilets help people with no arms execute their hygiene independently and easily. 
  • It’s cost-effective for people with no arms to buy a bidet toilet than spend monthly on an occupational therapist or a caretaker.
  • Bidet toilets prevent the wastage of toilet tissue paper. It’s also useful for blind people. 
  • There are fewer chances of your pipelines getting blocked because of the minimum use of toilet paper.

3️⃣ Trained Caregivers

What Are Trained Caregivers For People With No Arms? 

For people with no arms, trained caregivers help them perform their daily chores. They provide personal assistance to specially-abled people. They look after the patient’s medications and help them with other mobility tasks they cannot perform by themselves. 

How do they help out people with no arms in day-to-day activities? 

  • Caretakers assist persons with no arms in bathing and getting dressed without hassle.
  • Remind people with multiple medical problems about their medicines, helping them with cooking and other household chores.
  • These caregivers can help people suffering from chronic diseases and missing limbs change their diapers if necessary.
  • Furthermore, they take care of their health checkups, meal planning, and transportation. 
  • Caretakers also help people with mental issues in behavioral management and redirection. 
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Are these trained caregivers someone the person knows? 

Yes, a person with no arms can take help from their family and friends to provide them with personal assistance. 

However, it’s better to opt for skilled professionals who can train and guide people with missing limbs to manage their new life without arms.

👉Final Words: How Does Someone With No Arms Wipe Their Bum

So a person with missing limbs initially finds it almost impossible to maintain personal hygiene alone with dignity. But things become easy to manage once they hire an occupational therapist, bidet toilets, or a caretaker.

While a bidet toilet is more of a mechanical support to help them wash their genitals after defecating, an occupational therapist or a caretaker offers manual support. 

Depending on personal preference, people with no arms can choose either. 

💡How Do People With No Arms Wipe FAQs

How do people with no arms wash up?

Most people with no arms install bidets in their washrooms which helps them wipe their bum and maintain hygiene. Sometimes, they are assisted by trained caregivers or occupational therapists who support them for the same.

How do people with no arms get dressed?

A person with no arms can take training from occupational therapists, which helps them develop skills to perform routine tasks like getting dressed. In addition, a care team provides helping hands to such people.

How is a Bidet toilet different from normal toilets?

Bidet toilets are fixtures in washrooms that help you wash off your private parts after using the toilet, whereas normal toilets are where you poop and flush the defecation into sewer tanks.

How does someone with no arms or legs go to the bathroom?

A person with no arms or legs goes to the bathroom with wheelchair support or takes the physical help of a caregiver.

How do you wipe your bottom when you can’t reach it?

If a person with no arms wipes off their butt, it’s best to use bidet toilets with prosthetic limbs, which help them wash off your bottom quickly and conveniently.

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