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3 Best Concrete Floor Vacuum: Powerful Choices! (2024)

Concrete floors require regular vacuuming despite being super durable, and for best results, the vacuum should have a lower floor head and powerful suction.

So, we took up the task of finding the best vacuum for the job, testing over 43 different vacuums!

Then, we came up with this reliable list of the Top 3 concrete vacuum cleaners in 2024!

👌Top 3 Concrete Vacuum Cleaner In 2024: A Smart Preview!

  • Best Overall: INSE Cordless Vacuum

    INSE Cordless Vacuum
    • Suction Power: 12KPa
    • Ease Of Use: Brilliant
    • Maneuverability: Great
    • Pet Hair Removal: Good
    • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Also Good: Henry HVR 160-11

    Henry HVR 160-11
    • Suction Power: 22 KPa
    • Ease Of Use: Average
    • Maneuverability: Not good
    • Pet Hair Removal: Great
    • Warranty: 3-year manufacturer’s warranty from Henry’s website
  • Best Robot Vacuum: Eufy RoboVac 11S

    eufy 11s
    • Suction Power: 1.3 KPa
    • Ease Of Use: Brilliant
    • Maneuverability: Brilliant
    • Pet Hair Removal: Average
    • Warranty: 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
How We Test Vacuums At Clean Homies

🏆Best Vacuum For Concrete Floors: Detailed Reviews!

Concrete VacsSuction PowerEase of Use ManeuverabilityPet Hair RemovalWarranty
INSE Cordless Vacuum12k PaBrilliantGreatGood1-year manufacturer’s warranty
Henry HVR 160-1122 kPaAverageNot goodGreat3-year warranty on direct purchases
Eufy RoboVac 11S1300 PaBrilliantBrilliantAverage1-year manufacturer’s warranty

1️⃣Best For Concrete Floors: INSE Cordless Vacuum

INSE Cordless Vacuum
INSE Cordless Vacuum


  • Strong suction
  • Lightweight
  • Great 1.2L dustbin capacity 


  • Air intake can get clogged easily with bigger debris.

The INSE N5S cordless vacuum cleaner is a very lightweight cordless stick vacuum cleaner. It has a retractable metal tube with a powerful motor and good suction power.

The soft roller brush doesn’t scratch the concrete polish or surface.

You get a motorized brush cleaner head with useful attachments like a crevice tool, 2-in-1 brush, 2-in-1 cleaning tool, wall bracket for storage, power adapter, and an extra filter that can be added as an add on while ordering.

It performed well in our testing, and its great dustbin capacity is noteworthy, making it the best vacuum for concrete on this list.

Cleaning Efficiency on Concrete Floors

  • Suction Power – The suction power of the 145-watt motor can go up to 12 Kpa, which works well on concrete and low and medium-pile carpets. The powerful vacuum cleaner easily handles deep cleaning small apartments on a single charge.
  • Lightweight – The vacuum is very lightweight, which makes it easy to use around the house. It weighs just 1.5 kg, lighter than most cordless vacuum cleaners.
  • Battery Life – The vacuum has a 2200 mAh battery. The battery can last you for 45 mins on low power mode. On high power mode, it can run for 20 mins. The battery is also removable.
  • Ease of cleaning – The INSE Cordless N5S vacuum cleaner has a great dust cup capacity of 1.2 Liters! This is a great perk for a budget-friendly cordless vacuum cleaner.

    The filtration system is fine for efficient cleaning, but a little dust returns to the surroundings. However, the vacuum has HEPA filters in place.

    The attachments also make it easier to clean. It’s good to have the basic wall mount and upholstery tools. 
  • Maneuverability – The vacuum brush head has small wheels underneath. This makes it easy to maneuver around the house. Plus, because it is lightweight, you can carry it around easily.

Clean Dark Corners Effortlessly

As the vacuum has headlights on its brush head, it’s convenient to clean dark corners/ areas under the furniture. The head also has small wheels.

How Easy to Use and Maintain

The vacuum is pretty easy to use. You can also convert it to a handheld when needed. You can easily change the attachments. Because it is cordless, the maneuverability is great!

As for maintenance, the dustbin has a 1.2 L capacity to last for a couple of cleaning sessions. 

But you should do the maintenance runs once a week at least, as the air intake can get clogged over time, as in our testing. The washable filter is convenient to maintain.

Warranty and Customer Support

The INSE N5S vacuum cleaner comes with a 12-month warranty from its manufacturer. The customer support is wonderful! We rarely find such companies that actually prioritize customer complaints.

2️⃣Best Cylinder Vacuum for Concrete Floors: Henry Hvr 160-11

Henry Hvr 160-11
Henry HVR 160-11


  • Sturdy built
  • 6 Liters bin capacity
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to operate


  • Very heavy with a full bin
  • Inconvenient maneuverability

The Henry vacuum cleaner has its name really popular in the market. The vacuum has a reputation for its superb bin capacity and impressive motor power of 620 Watts. 

Its sturdy build makes it ideal for large-area cleaning. The vacuum is widely used in garages and workshops.

It is easy to operate, though its manual looks complicated. The vacuum has different tools for different needs, but storing it is a bit of an issue.

Cleaning Efficiency on Concrete Floors

  • Suction Power – The vacuum has an incredible pick-up with a 620-wNatt powerful motor. 
  • In our testing, it performed excellently! It could pick up the finest of debris in no time on a concrete surface and even with low and medium-pile carpets. It can clean up crevices easily.
  • Lightweight – The Henry HVR 160-11 vacuum cleaner is lightweight only when empty. Carrying it around with a filled bin is a task in itself. But remember that the Henry is a powerhouse made for huge capacity and solid quality.
  • Ease of cleaning – The vacuum is hard to move around. But it makes up for it with its cleaning performance. It cleans most of the debris in a single sweep! Its dustbin capacity is a whooping 6 liters, so it lasts for months before needing to empty on average usage. The flat brush tool makes cleaning pet hair from the sofas and beds easy. And switching the brushes up allows for cleaning bigger-sized debris. 
  • Maneuverability – The maneuverability isn’t good. And if you use the flat brush tool, it is even harder to move around. When the dustbin gets full, it gets really heavy. As it has a cord, that lowers its maneuverability as well.

How Easy to Use and Maintain

The vacuum is easy to use, but the manual is poorly written. So you’ve to figure everything out by yourself. As for the weight, it’s 16.5 pounds with a full bin, which is pretty heavy to carry and clean.

The maintenance is fine because of the huge bin capacity. Also, there are not many tangles. The dust-free emptying is convenient, and the minimum buttons make it easy to operate.

Warranty and Customer Support

Henry provides a 3-year warranty with their vacuum cleaner when bought from its original website. Else, you get a 2-year warranty. The customer service is great.

3️⃣Best Robot Vacuum for Concrete Floors: Eufy Robovac 11s

Eufy Robovac 11s
eufy 11s


  • Great suction
  • Remote control
  • BoostIQ mode
  • Drop sensing technology


  • Small bin size

The Eufy 11S robot vacuum made a solid impression on us, as it operates so quietly. It offers a lot for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner. It also comes with a remote control and decent suction power.

Its unique features, like the Drop sensing technology and Boost IQ power balance mode, offer more to the plate. Its dustbin size is just 0.6 L, and is also not self-emptying.

But many people can work around it considering its budget vacuum price and usage.

Cleaning Efficiency on Concrete Floors

  • Suction Power – With a suction power of 1300 Pa, the Eufy 11S robot vacuum excelled in cleaning performance. Its airflow is really good, so its dirt pick-up is great for concrete floor cleaning. The vacuum also works well on small pile carpets. 
  • Lightweight – The Robovac 11S is very lightweight and easy to handle. And because of being robotic, you mostly only need to use your hands when carrying it up and down the stairs.
  • Battery Life – On its lower power mode, the vacuum has a decent runtime of around 100 mins. Turn it to high power, and one charge will last 45 minutes. Its BoostIQ power setting works well here in optimizing battery life and balancing suction power settings. Here it runs on low power on the bare floor, and when it detects carpets, it switches to high power.
  • Ease of cleaning – Cleaning can not get much easier with a Robot vacuum at work. The vacuum works well in sensing obstacles and cleaning its way around. The remote control provides great convenience and handling. We were using it most of the time while testing.
  • Maneuverability – The vacuum uses bounce navigation and can find its way around well. It does not store a map, so it uses infrared sensors to find its way around, avoiding obstacles. The random motion, though, consumes more time.

Bounce Navigation with Infrared Sensors!

The vacuum uses bounce navigation and can find its way around well. It does not store a map, so it uses infrared sensors to find its way around, avoiding obstacles.

How easy to use and maintain: 

It is pretty easy to use the Eufy Robovac 11S. The remote control makes it easy to operate. The vacuum is not self-emptying, so you must empty its bin manually. Rest, maintenance, and cleaning are easy.

Warranty and customer support: 

You receive a one-year warranty from the manufacturer with the Robovac 11S vacuum. In terms of its customer support, it’s somewhat satisfactory.

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⚖️Concrete Floor Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum: What’s The Difference?

Concrete Floor Vacuum vs Regular Vacuum

What sets a concrete floor vacuum apart from other vacuums is the height and suction power, along with some additional features.

Concrete floors require the vacuum head to be very close to the ground to clean effectively. Also, having an adjustable height vacuum is better as it allows for cleaning different surfaces, including concrete.

The suction should be powerful to clean concrete. Dust and debris are not picked up easily from concrete floors, so you need the suction to be strong enough.

As for the additional features, some attachments are not for cleaning concrete – like brush roll and beater bars. These will just fling the dust around and not pick it up properly. Some brush attachments are rough and can scratch the concrete flooring.

Plus, having some lights on the vacuum head can be pretty useful for cleaning concrete as it harbors fine dust particles that we can miss.

All in all, if a regular vacuum has a low or adjustable vacuum head and offers strong suction power, it can clean concrete floors well.

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👉What Is the Best Way to Vacuum Concrete?

The Best way to Vacuum Concrete

The best way to clean concrete flooring differs slightly for different sealing methods. But the base remains the same – sweep, mop, rinse, and dry.

  • First, sweep the floor with a broom and use a vacuum to remove big and small specks of dirt.
  • Then comes the mopping for a thorough cleaning. Here:
  • If your concrete is sealed or painted, mop it with a cleaning solution. You can also make one by adding vinegar to warm water, diluting it to a good extent.
  • In case your concrete floor is polished, you should use commercial cleaners for polished concrete floors with a neutral pH.
  • If the concrete is unsealed, you should use a pressure washer with a dilute solution of Trisodium phosphate with water. If that’s not possible, scrub the floor with the Trisodium phosphate solution. 
  • 3. Lastly, rinse off the cleaner/ cleaning solutions from the floor. Don’t let any residual remain. Dry it with a cloth and leave the remainder to air dry. It may take a few hours at most.


Remember to wear gloves while preparing the solution and dealing with the chemical!

🤔How Do I Choose A Vacuum For Concrete Floors?

How do I choose the Vacuum for Concrete floors

Here we reveal the factors we kept in mind while selecting the top 3 vacuums for concrete floors: 

⚡Powerful Suction

A vacuum cleaner should have decent suction power to pick fine particles from concrete floors quickly.

🔁Vacuum Height Adjustment

Having vacuum height adjustment allows for a better cleaning of concrete floors. Having a lowered vacuum profile allows for better suction of debris while cleaning concrete floors and better maneuverability under the furniture.

🪠Vacuum Type

There are different types of vacuum styles you can consider. Cordless stick vacuums are good for small spaces as they are thin and lightweight.

Cordless handheld vacuums are good for cleaning very hard-to-reach areas for vacuums.

Upright vacuum cleaner offers more power if you need it. But they are not easy to carry around. So if you have to climb stairs, you might not prefer them.

There are also stick vacuums that are not cordless, which offer decent power and are lightweight. 


You can get more particular with your choices by looking if a vacuum is bagged or bagless. The bagged vacuum (as the name suggests) has disposable bags for collecting dust.

So they are more convenient to clean.

A bagless vacuum takes your time to clean the dust bin, and the debris sometimes also clogs spaces.

You can also opt for a canister vacuum if you have a lot of tight spaces to clean. Having the separation of the hose and canister on wheels gives you more freedom.

Similarly, robot vacuums are good if you have the budget for them. They allow much more convenience by making cleaning hands-free. 

🔌Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum Attachments

Vacuum attachments increase the range of use of a vacuum cleaner. For example, an upholstery tool allows you to clean up sofas and mattresses.

Similarly, a crevice tool allows you to clean up tight spaces.

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🧹Common Dirt Type

Wet and dry messes are pretty common. But not every vacuum can handle cleaning wet areas.

Here we recommend getting yourself a wet and dry vacuum as it can handle the wet areas and dry messes. 

The size of the debris also matters. Any basic vacuum can clean up sand and soil from hard flooring. But average vacuums struggle to clean bigger-sized debris like cereals, crumbs, and food particles.

A vacuum that suits your cleaning needs here should be prioritized. If your pet creates a mess after eating, you should look for a strong suction vacuum with a good pick-up for larger debris.

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💡Best Concrete Floor Vacuum: FAQs 

Can you vacuum concrete floors?

Yes, vacuuming concrete floors ensures thorough cleaning. You should first vacuum the dirt off the floor and mop afterwards.

Can I use a regular vacuum for concrete dust?

Using any regular vacuum for concrete dust may not be the best idea because of the fine particle size. Vacuums that do not have a HEPA filter release fine particles back into the atmosphere.

So, a HEPA filter vacuum with soft bristles is recommended instead of a regular vacuum. Plus, you can use a duster attachment on the vac for better results.

Can you use a Dyson vacuum on concrete floors?

You can use Dyson vacuums designed for hard floors on concrete. But make sure that the wheels don’t get debris stuck on them, as this can scratch the hard floor/polished floor. The brush bristles should also be soft, so it’s best to check this separately for each model.

Are robot vacuums safe for concrete floors?

Yes, robot vacuums are safe to use on concrete as they are designed for hard floors. Just buy one with strong suction power for effective cleaning, like Eufy Robovac 11S.

How often should you clean concrete floors?

You should clean your concrete floors weekly. Don’t overdo it because you can put scratches in its finishing. High-traffic areas can be cleaned more often, but try to avoid a daily cleaning routine. Mopping once a week and letting it dry thoroughly is preferred.

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